Integrating Self-Care this Holiday Season

The convenience of allowing us to take care of the mundane parts of daily life will make room for new experiences and many other dramatic improvements to your routine. The notion of self-care is one we cherish, and why we are so passionate about what we do. We are in the business of helping you    […]


Outsource What’s Not Getting Done

  Whether it’s for your personal to-do list or to support your business, the benefits of our time-saving concierge services are seen- and arguably even felt- immediately. Simply put, our goal is to help you reach the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Life as we know it is fast and seemingly getting faster; most of    […]


Why October is the best time of year to travel.

  You may think that summer is the best time of year to get out of town but we’re here to make a strong case for October.   No. 1: Kids are back in school. Whether you have kids or not, having them back in school means fewer people are taking advantage of the weekends    […]

Cycling Class

10 Reasons to Take a Class

Learning new things long after you’ve completed school has all sorts of benefits. Check out these 10 benefits that can inspire you to get back in class. And if you need help getting enrolled or coming up with ideas, we’re here to make that happen for you! Reason #1: Discover your Talents and Ignite your    […]

The neighbor lady

7 Days in Seattle: A Week of Easy Adventures

If you’re unable to travel afar this summer, never fear, Seattle is an amazing city with fun and quirky things to do literally everyday of the week. Here is a week’s worth of easy adventures for you to enjoy! Sunday: Pinball machines and quirky/casual decor keep the ambiance at The Neighbor Lady fun. And Sundays    […]

Image: @travis_eric

Pursuing Fulfillment

We want to warmly welcome you on our journey of fulfillment, by helping you pursue your own. If you haven’t caught on yet, then you should know that at Pursuit, we are passionate about living fully. We love seeing other locals looking joyous, adventurous, peaceful, uninhibited, loved, grateful, and fulfilled. That is why, often times,    […]

to do list2

Prioritize your want-to-do list for a happier life

With an ever growing to-do list it’s hard to know what to take care of first. We suggest you prioritize the want-to-do list for the sake of a happier life. Every person has a to-do list and it’s made up of 2 sublists: the must-do list and the want-to-do list. No matter how hard you try, these    […]


The Crucial Difference between Coincidence and Manifestation

Take a moment to reflect on a positive occurrence in your life. Would you consider it to be a coincidence or a manifestation? There is a very clear distinction between the two. When something happens in your life that was premeditated it’s hard to imagine that it’s entirely coincidental. Even if it feels like it    […]


A daily love affair: breakfast.

The 5 reasons I’m in love with breakfast and why I’ll never go without it. I’m one of the lucky ones. I found my true love at very young age and it’s a love so deep, I would never be willing to part with it. Breakfast is my soul mate. It’s lively, adventurous and highly    […]

The view from the Happyseeker Hub.

Be careful what you dream of – it will probably come true.

  The new Happyseeker Hub started as just a vision but became very, very real. Last winter my mom offered to do a fun little exercise with me. Every few days we would send each other an email describing our dream lives as if we were experiencing them in the moment. She spent her time describing    […]

What-do-you-desire alan watts

What if money were no object?

Have you ever asked yourself, how would you spend your days if money were no object? This seemingly simple question hardly ever gets answered. So often we look at our interests through the lens of how we can get paid for it. Alan Watts is the master of proposing questions that we all really should    […]


Step out of your comfort zone, go to a meetup

One of the surest ways to live a happier life is to fill it with the right people. Go to a meetup to find those people. is one of the greatest tools out there. It’s a mix between social media and good old fashioned socializing. If you’re not familiar with meetup, their tagline says it    […]

Call a loved one

Call a loved one every day

How often do you call a loved one just to chat? Let’s see what happens if we make the effort to reach out more. Taking the time to do something you’ve been meaning to do for a while feels really, really good. I have a growing list of people that I want to check in    […]

morning routine

5 tips for a productivity-inducing morning routine

Everyone has a morning routine, it’s just a matter of how organized and intentional it is. Mornings are so important and should be treated with care. They have the ability to dictate how the remaining 8 – 14 hours are going to go. If you start your day by scrambling, the whole day can carry    […]


Eat your breakfast. Everyday. Outside.

If there’s one word to describe me, it would be mutable. No, it doesn’t mean you can put me on silent. It means “liable to change.” Not only do I seek constant change and fluctuation in my life, I crave it. I feed off it. This insatiable appetite for constant newness can be challenging to satisfy.    […]


Finding your “why”

What do you do? I have absolutely no clue how many times I’ve had to answer this question. A good friend of mine responds to this with a clarification request: “you mean, for work? For fun?” This usually throws people off for a split second but are quick to reply: “for work.” Most of us have a    […]