Whether you need occasional help or constant assistance, our concierge memberships are designed to fit your lifestyle.

Choose your Chip Block


20 Chip Block


20 chips


valid for 6 months


40 Chip Block


40 chips


valid for 6 months

save $60


10 Chip Trial


10 chips

for new clients only

valid for 3 months


How far does a Chip Block go?

Exchange your chips for services to maintain balance in your life.
Services are assigned a chip value so you know how much can be accomplished with each Block.


Simple tasks that don't require much research.
example: "Please schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnson for next Thursday."

other possible requests:
- dinner reservation
- check your voicemail
- order lunch
- post an ad on Craigslist, etc.
- purchase items online
- add an appointment to your calendar

Tasks that require a small amount of insight or research.
example: "Please find a couple of dentists in my neighborhood."

other possible requests:
- recommend a hotel
- summarize reviews of service or product
- find a recipe
- recommend an expert
- find a yoga class that fits your schedule
- research rental car options

Complex tasks that require a bit more expertise.
example: "Please find 3 doctors in my neighborhood who accept my insurance."

other possible request:
- compile estimates for a project
- research a travel destination
- gather gluten-free recipes for weekly meals
- light design work
- generate email template
- research and book airfare

Specialized tasks or those that require a concierge in-person.
example: "Please take my clothes to Goodwill."

other possible requests:
- return item to store (5 chips)
- pick up/drop off dry cleaning (8 chips)
- fill your car with gas (5 chips)
- get your car washed (6 chips)
- go to the grocery store (8 chips)
- write article, find image and post to site (5 chips)

Have an unusual task or aren't sure where it falls on the menu?
Let us know and we'll set a chip value for that service.

In some cases, we will track the time spent on that project and bill at a rate of 1 chip per quarter-hour. Nothing is out of reach! Just let us know where you need help and we'll make sure you're taken care of.

Part of a team?


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