The Live Fully membership is comprised of three adventurous self-care packages
that you can mix and match to design your ideal lifestyle.

Monthly Me Time

Dedicate time to yourself each month by enjoying an in-city solo retreat or a fun bonding experience with a loved one. Every experience is catered to your unique interests to create space for relaxation in your life.

$800 for 12 fully personalized self-care retreats


Quarterly PNW Getaways

Get away from the hustle and bustle throughout the year with fully personalized adventures in your own backyard. A few times per year, we’ll plan an inspiring getaway within a few hundred miles of Seattle to help you clear your mind and find calm in the whirlwind.

$1,200 for 4 fully personalized PNW getaways

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The Grand Escape

Find yourself in another part of the world with a fully personalized globetrotting experience. Break away from the routine and escape to places you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll take care of all travel coordinations so you can just sit back and enjoy the journey.

$600 for a fully personalized grand escape


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