Stop racing against the clock trying to do it all alone. 

Empower yourself with the support of Pursuit Concierge.


Our on-demand concierge services are a great fit for

Business Owners



Healthcare Workers



Now more than ever, focus on what

deserves your direct attention.

Delegate the rest.


Your team of personal assistants is ready to start tackling your to-do and wish lists.
We work with you to help lighten the load and hold you accountable to your own lifestyle goals.
From the simple to the complex, we’ve got you covered.


It’s work-life balance for brilliant people.


schedule doctor appointment

send care packages to loved ones or clients

order grocery delivery

hire housecleaners

purchase wedding gift



gather estimates for a household project

find healthcare specialist

research services for Mom

curate engaging activities for the kiddos

manage hiring for a team position


See what our members have to say!

As a small business owner I have an extremely busy schedule. I have a once a month download with Pursuit Concierge and they make my “back burner” “wishlist” items come true!

– Raina

My fiance, puppy, and I went on a PNW getaway thanks to Sondra and her team and had a PHENOMENAL time. It was exactly what we needed and Pursuit took care of every little detail for us. It was perfect, can’t wait to do it again.

– Lisa

Sondra and team have been a dream: flexible, fast, and extremely effective. I tried getting help through contractors abroad, and it was not worth the time. Sondra by contrast totally gets it and can run with projects with almost no input.

– Cameron


I believe that people are better contributors to their world when they’re supported by others. By offering hands-on, practical support to motivated and kind people we empower them to live fuller lives and make a bigger impact on their community.  When your energy is concentrated on what brings you joy, those you touch will feel the difference.

It’s not just about running errands and making phone calls, it’s about offering our members the opportunity to spend that time with loved ones, take a moment to rest, and explore passions. With every person we support, we know we’re making the world a better, brighter place. And this is what drives us every day.

With your membership, we promise to offer:


We care deeply about you and your well-being. We love what we do and we love how we help. Every action we produce is done with your best interest in mind.

peace of mind

Know you’re in good hands and support is there as you need it. The load isn’t yours to bear alone; we help carry the weight so it’s not only on your shoulders. We’re like life customer service, your one stop for a simpler life.

mastery of time

Your most valuable resource, your time, should be used with intention. Concentrate your energy on what matters most to you. What steals your attention and prevents you from doing what you love no longer has to be done by you. We’re here to take over whatever isn’t feeding you.

Sondra and the Pursuit team


Sondra Fireling
Founder / CEO / lead visionary
Lover of cats, long dinners, and sailing

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