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  • Behind every powerful person is a team of smart, tenacious people working hard to execute whatever tasks need to be done. We are that team for some of Seattle's brightest entrepreneurs, attorneys, corporate leaders, and dedicated parents and we make a difference in their lives every day.

    The work can be challenging but it's deeply rewarding. Our team is growing and we hope you're who we're looking for. 


    Working in a team, this role is part project manager, part executive assistant.  We help our members overcome the overwhelm with mindful delegation by taking on their to-do lists and integrating their wish lists. We work closely (yet mostly virtually) with our members to ensure projects move forward and time is used wisely.

    From building travel itineraries to overseeing home projects, this fast-paced role is ideal for creative thinkers, tenacious doers, and organized people pleasers.

    Each day is different at Pursuit Concierge and things can move fast! As we execute our members' to-do lists, we:
    • Communicate by email, text, and phone.
    • Coordinate services with vendors for home, personal, or professional needs.
    • Efficiently research services, information, and processes.
    • Find creative solutions to complex problems.
    • Consolidate complex details into simple, easy-to-read emails.
    • Run errands.
    • Meet vendors on-site and oversee their work.
    • Build curated itineraries for local and international adventures.
    • Manage complex calendars.
    • Hold our clients accountable to their own goals and tasks.
    • Help clients strategize their own task list.
    • Find obscure, unique, and specific resources.
    • Write content for blogs, social media, emails, and more.
    • Do light design work for websites, marketing collateral, invitations, and more.
    • Curate events to attend.
    • Troubleshoot challenges and find solutions.
    • Organize files and maintain clear communication.
    • Collaborate with our fellow team members.
    • Operate with a high attention to detail.
    • Manage multiple projects simultaneously with grace.
      This is a fast-paced and highly fulfilling opportunity to make a difference in other people's lives. Ideal qualifications include:
    • College degree
    • 5+ years of professional experience
    • Living in the Seattle area
    • Technical literacy and proficiency with Google apps
    If you're interested in joining our team of dedicated concierges in the MEMBER HAPPINESS COORDINATOR role, please follow the instructions below.

    Thanks and we look forward to meeting you!

    💜 Sondra and the Pursuit Team

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