The majority of our communication with our members is via email. Gathering and presenting complex information clearly and succinctly is a basic requirement for this position. We look forward to receiving your responses and seeing how your mind works through a variety of scenarios.

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  • Written Interview Questions

    Below are some real examples of tasks we've taken on for our members. We would like to see how you approach these requests, what your communication style is, and how much time it took to provide a response.
  • Scenario 1 | Curating Experiences

    One of our members wants to dine with a couple of friends but only if there's safe outdoor seating and reservations can be made.
  • Scenario 2 | Navigating A Tough Situation

    You booked a gutter installation for a member with a company we know and trust. You get an email from the member saying the technician did a terrible job and has photos to support it. Tools were left behind, there are dents and damage to the gutters, and it was just overall poor workmanship.
  • Scenario 3 | Finding Specific Information

    One of our members has asked us to procure a curated list of contacts for an event. You are to find 5 media folks in the future of marketing technology. Add their name, organization, Twitter, LinkedIn, and one supporting article they've written on the subject to a Google Sheet that has access for anyone with the link.
  • Scenario 4 | Finding Specific Services

    One of our members wants to compare 3 dentists near their home in Wallingford that is accepting new patients. They also want to know how much the initial visit is.
  • Scenario 5 | Navigating the City

    One of our members has samples to pick up from her home in Phinney Ridge that need to go to the following locations: United Tile, Daltile, Bedrosian, and Associated Flooring in SoDo.
  • Scenario 6 | Curating Gifts

    One of our members wants to send a gift to a friend who was in a bike accident recently. His budget is $200 and he wants 3 gift ideas to consider.