The majority of our communication with our members is via email. Gathering and presenting complex information clearly and succinctly is a basic requirement for this position. We look forward to receiving your responses and seeing how your mind works through a variety of scenarios.

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  • Written Interview Questions

    Below are some real examples of tasks we've taken on for our members. We would like to see how you approach these requests and how much time it took to provide a response.
  • One of our members is looking to connect more deeply with his wife. They live in Renton and have 2 young children. They are looking for ideas of how they can take time for just the two of them. They have sitters on the weekends and are available to have some fun during the week but must be home by 6pm. Please provide 5 date ideas and craft your message as if you were sending it directly to the client.
  • One of our members is an interior designer so she has us meet furniture deliverers at her clients' homes on her behalf. The homeowner is present during the delivery. Although the delivery was supposed to be white glove, the delivery man just drops boxes at the home and claims he wasn't aware he was supposed to assemble the furniture. How do you handle this situation?
  • One of our members asks us to find a dentist for her kids and it's a very high priority. You send her great, varified options but you don't hear from her on her selection. Knowing that she can be slow to provide her responses, how do you navigate staying in front of her without pestering her?
  • One of our members would like to get a second opinion on a cardiovascular issue and would like to work with only Seattle's best cardiologist. How do you go about researching who the top doctors are? What steps do you take to provide confidence they are the top doctors? How do you verify they are accepting new patients?

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