How to get a work-life balance in Seattle

Getting a life-work balance in the Seattle area has never been easier!


Our versatile memberships are great for personal and professional use and getting started is easy.

Once you’re all set up, pass that to-do list on over to us and discover a whole new way of life.


1Work-life balance in Seattle - groceries, home projects, personal assistants

Think of what you need done.

Errands, home projects, phone calls . . .

Time-saving services we offer:

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[v_toggle title="concierge services" toggle="off" icon="fa fa-key"]So, your anniversary is around the corner and you need to make sure it goes perfectly. Don't fret, we'll reserve the limo, get the perfect gift and make sure you get a table at the hottest restaurant in town. All you have to do is ask. [/v_toggle]
[v_toggle title="lifestyle management services" toggle="off" icon="fa fa-home"]When you're out of town or stuck at the office, the PURSUIT team is here to ensure your life keeps running smoothly. We'll make sure your fridge is stocked and the house is cleaned so when you get home all you have to do is relax. [/v_toggle]
[v_toggle title="errands" toggle="off" icon="fa fa-shopping-cart"]We understand that life is pulling you in a million directions all at once. Instead of running back and forth across town trying to get your errands done, let us do the legwork while you tend to more important things.[/v_toggle]
[v_toggle title="personal assistance" toggle="off" icon="fa fa-user"]Whether it's managing your schedule, making your calls or reminding you about your mother's birthday, the PURSUIT team is here to keep your life on track.[/v_toggle]
[v_toggle title="travel services" toggle="off" icon="fa fa-plane"]Whether you travel for business or for pleasure, PURSUIT will make sure you have what you need, when you need it. So let us know about your next trip, and we'll make sure you feel right at home, wherever you may be.[/v_toggle][/v_toggles]


“Chip” away at your to-do list.

Becoming a member of PURSUIT concierge gives you the freedom of outsourcing your to-do list. Each of our packages affords you a certain amount of chips to be used as you see fit.

Routine requests are designated a chip value while the less common requests are determined a chip value depending on how long it takes to complete the task.

more about services and chips

2Work-life balance in Seattle - time saving services

Let us know by text, email or web.

Anytime, anywhere.

Use our request form or send us a detailed note and we’ll get on the job right away!

So if the to-do pops up as your head hits the pillow, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered.

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Real-time updates and diligent time tracking.

Through the member dashboard you can check on the progress of and make changes to your requests.

We keep detailed records of the chips used fulfilling each request. We will notify you if your request will exceed the chips remaining on your account. If you run over you may purchase additional chips.

Keep an eye on all your requests online.

Whether you submit a request via email, text or through the member dashboard, each request is given it’s own ticket for ultimate manageability.

Keep track of each request’s progress in real time without having to rummage through email threads.

The status of the request is made prominent so you know whether we’re waiting for funds, a third party or if we’re on the job.

Ticket dashboard




Convenient communication.

All correspondence regarding each request is neatly organized in the ticket system. To add information, simply reply to the ticket or respond via email. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Request ticket

3Work-life balance in Seattle - go enjoy life!

Consider it handled.

Go enjoy life!

No surprises.

For when we need to make purchases on your behalf, the Akimbo Card allows us to make cash and credit/debit transactions. For online or phone purchases you can opt to use the credit card of your choosing. This way, we won’t have to invoice you for your purchases later and you keep track of them easily online.

What could be easier?

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Work-life balance in Seattle - Akimbo Card with PURSUITLearn more about Akimbo Card.

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