Creating Space Through Personal Retreats

  In this crazy busy world, with all the traffic, phone notifications, background music, TVs in every room, the demands from your boss, spouse, and children, not to mention the noisy eater...

Removing Limiting Beliefs with Mindfulness

As I set out to start Pursuit Concierge, I was met with a discouraging voice that was only good at telling me what I couldn’t do. Mindfulness gave me the strength I needed to push forward. Without mindfulness, Pursuit Concierge wouldn’t exist. In early 2014, I decided...

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Meditation 101 Part I: Finding Time To Meditate

Integrating meditation with a busy life can be the antidote to stress. Here are 3 easy steps from the founders of M Meditation, Tay and Val, to bring a little more mindfulness into your day-to-day. If you’ve clicked on the article title to read this, it’s unlikely...

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18 ways to move your body in Seattle

Because moving the body is also good for the mind. “If you are in a bad mood go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk.” - Hippocrates Our mental and physical health depends on us moving our bodies. We weren’t built to be lazy and immobile, yet...

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Turn off go-mode and enter be-mode

Counterbalance the go-go-go of modern life with a little dose of downtime throughout your day. The modern life of a professional is an extremely busy one. There’s always something to do, someplace to be, a task to finish that’s nagging us in the back of our minds....

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Building Movement Into Your Day

How to leave the stagnation behind and integrate your movement practice into your day. If you’re anything like me, you spend way too much time hunched over in front of the computer. Science shows sitting is one of the most dangerous things we do.* When your livelihood...

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