A monthly membership with infinite possibilities.

For just $80 per month, your membership provides:


Gain a team of on-demand personal assistants ready to take on your most time-consuming, energy-sucking tasks at a rate of $25 per chip. Meet your team!


Every month we offer free requests to help you stay on track with life’s demands. From errands to bookings and beyond, we’re here to lighten your load every day. Check ’em out.


Get tips on how to delegate more effectively, where to go and what to do in the PNW, and tools to find fulfillment in everyday life. Explore Thoughts, our blog.


You’re always in the loop. Get a birdseye view of all your projects and track every request with the Member Dashboard. At any time you can request a detailed chip report to see exactly what we’ve done for you all month. Learn more.


Identifying what to delegate is the hardest part of the process. Select from a menu of items and with just a few clicks your to-do list will diminish. Now you can focus on what deserves your attention. Get inspired and start delegating.


Your team is at your fingertips using the methods of communication you already use. Reach us by phone/text, email, or the Member Dashboard. We’re available 6 days a week but you can communicate with us 24/7.

A More Detailed Look at How We Bill for Services

Pursuit is here to help you chip away at your to-do list!
Familiar tasks are assigned a chip value while unique tasks are billed at a rate of 1 chip per quarter-hour. Each chip is $25.

Our services are so broad that we could never create a fully comprehensive menu. So long as your request is safe, legal, and ethical, we will help you find the right solution. Chip fees are based on the value of the service offered and the time dedicated to completing the task. This menu will give you a sense of how far your chips will go but you’ll often be ordering off the menu because the sky is the limit.

The most common task we perform is conducting research. Though the internet empowers us all to do deep research on a variety of topics, it can also be overwhelming. There is so much information available, it’s challenging to sift through it all. We’re here to help you find services, products, and whatever else you’re interested in learning about.

The chip fee ranges from 1 to 12 chips, depending on complexity, specificity, and time allowance for gathering the information you seek. Here are some examples:

gather show times on a specific date: 1 chip

recommend a trusted housecleaner: 2-4 chips

gather and verify 2 local locksmiths: 4-6 chips

confirm and verify 2 contractors for home repair: 6-10 chips

recommend ergonomic desk solutions: 4-8 chips

research after school programs: 6-12 chips

gather 2 qualified attorneys: 8-12 chips

As your personal concierge, we represent you with intention and care in every interaction. We’re here to help make things move forward and keep you in the loop on the progress of your projects. Here are some of the ways we do so:

a quick call or email to a service provider: 1 chip

gather quote for a project: 2 chips

schedule an appointment, depending on ease of finding a mutually agreeable time: 1 – 2 chips

order items online: 1 chip

send a reminder: 1 chip

monitor email for responses: 1 chip

pay an invoice or a bill: 1 chip

set up an account online: 1 – 2 chips

Our goal is to remove as much work as we can from your plate. But no matter how much you delegate, you’ll still have tasks of your own to execute. Sometimes all you need to stay on track is a supportive team member checking in on your progress and helping you set clear goals. Here’s how we can help:

send a text or email check-in: 1 chip

have a structured check-in call: 4 chips

Business owners can lean on us to get content generated and dispersed. From blog posts to promotional flyers and beyond, we’re here to make your ideas come into fruition. The chip fees may fluctuate for more complex projects.

post to social media: 1 chip

add content to your newsletter: 2 chips

procure an image: 2 chips

edit your content: 3 chips

generate a draft: 4 chips

If the right next step is to bring someone onto your team, whether that’s an office manager or a nanny, we’re here to help streamline the process. We’re not recruiters, we manage the hiring process so your energy is focused on only the most qualified candidates. Here’s how we help save time and energy in this rigorous process:

edit the  job listing: 3 chips

post the job listing to sites of your choice: 2 chips

repost job listings: 1 chip

search for relevant candidates on sites of your choice: 2 chips

review applications: 2 chips

provide qualified and summarized candidate: 1 chip 

conduct a phone screen: 2 chips

arrange an interview: 1 chip

attend the interview, documenting habits, behaviors, and responses: 4+ chips

check a reference: 2 chips

For our members in the Seattle area, we are able to save you time and energy by being on-site to run errands and oversee projects. Our on-site fee accounts for our travel time to the first destination and back to our office in Ballard from the last destination. Time spent executing the task or reserved for an on-site appointment is then billed at our hourly rate of 1 chip per quarter hour.

Here are our on-site fees based on your location:

Seattle, West Seattle, and Mercer Island: 4 chips

Bellevue, Kirkland, and Shoreline: 5 chips

Edmonds, Issaquah, Redmond, and Renton: 6 chips

Tacoma, Federal Way, and Everett: 10 chips

We are constantly surprised by novel requests and love to take on your toughest tasks. For unfamiliar and unique tasks, we bill at our hourly rate of 1 chip per quarter hour.

If you have a recurring or unique request, we can determine a custom rate for that specific task.