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[fontawesome_icon name=”fa fa-phone” size=”1″ type=”” color=”#5819a0″ style=”normal” bgcolor=””] The house is a mess, I’d like to arrange for a cleaner to come. Can you find me one who is available in the morning next week?

[fontawesome_icon name=”fa fa-phone” size=”1″ type=”” color=”#5819a0″ bgcolor=””] The moss on the roof is taking over! Can you please arrange for someone to remove it?

Our dishwasher randomly stopped working and we’re going out of town tomorrow. We’d love to have a new one in place before we get home. Can you please arrange for a repairman to come fix it while we’re gone?

We’ve been wanting to get an alarm system for our home. Can you please research which options are available in our area and provide quotes?

Our landscaper isn’t doing a very good job. We’d like to find someone new. Who would you recommend? [/v_tab] [v_tab title=”Work” icon=””]

[fontawesome_icon name=”fa fa-phone” size=”1″ type=”” color=”#5819a0″ bgcolor=””] I have a meeting on Friday with someone foreign investors. Can you please order lunch to be delivered for 6 people at about $30 per head?

I’m hoping to find a guest speaker for our team meeting next month. Can you please arrange for a qualified expert to come speak?

We’ve run out of paper and printer stock! Can you please get $200 worth of supplies for our Epson printer?

We’ll be hosting a special event and our office space is too small. Can you please find a space large enough for 30 people and a projector in Ballard?

Every friday we send out packages to special clients. Can you please take them to FedEx for me? [/v_tab] [v_tab title=”Errands” icon=””]

I need to return a gift to the U Village. Can you please exchange it for the next largest size this week?

Can you make a Costco run for me tomorrow? I’ve run out of cereal!

My niece’s birthday is tomorrow and I haven’t gotten her a gift! Can you get something that a 10 year old would like and wrap it, please?

I’ve got some things that need to be dry cleaned and a skirt that needs to be hemmed. I need the skirt for this weekend. Can we make this happen, please?

I’m really sick and need to pick up my prescription but I can’t get out of bed. Can you make sure I get it today? [/v_tab] [v_tab title=”Research” icon=””]

My parents are coming to town next month and they would like the choice of 3 hotels with a view of the Sound. Can you provide some options with their prices, please?

We’re interested in finding a timeshare in Hawaii. We’re not sure which island, though. Can you give us the pros and cons of each of the main islands?

I’m throwing a party and need some good ice breakers. Can you find 3 fun games that work like a charm?

My cat has been sneezing a lot and I don’t know a good vet. Can you recommend a few in my neighborhood?

We want to put a shed in our backyard. Can you find out if the zoning laws for our neighborhood would allow this? [/v_tab] [v_tab title=”Travel” icon=””]

We’re looking to go to Thailand next May for 10 days. Can you do some research and find the best and cheapest way to get there? I’m part of the United miles program.

[fontawesome_icon name=”fa fa-phone” size=”1″ type=”” color=”#5819a0″ bgcolor=””] I’ll be flying to Chicago O’hare next thursday and need a rental car for 4 days. Can you please reserve one for me?

It’s my anniversary in October and I want to surprise my wife. She’s never been to South America. Can you recommend 3 beach towns that would be a good option?

[fontawesome_icon name=”fa fa-phone” size=”1″ type=”” color=”#5819a0″ bgcolor=””] I need a room in the best hotel in Vancouver next week. Can you please book one for me?

I’m flying to India but I hate spicy food. What are some good travel foods that I can pack?

I’m out of town until next week. Can you please check in on my place every day and make sure the fridge is stocked for when I get back? [/v_tab] [v_tab title=”Support” icon=””]

My iMac hasn’t been working properly, can you take it in to get diagnosed for me please?

I never watched a pay-per-view movie that popped up on my DirectTV bill. Can you please call them and straighten it out?

I’ve provided a copy of the bill for you. I’ve lost my passport! Can you please let me know what I need to do to get a new one?

[fontawesome_icon name=”fa fa-phone” size=”1″ type=”” color=”#5819a0″ bgcolor=””] I’ve been trying to get a hold of this guy for weeks. Can you please give him a call and conference me in?

[fontawesome_icon name=”fa fa-phone” size=”1″ type=”” color=”#5819a0″ bgcolor=””] My HOA keeps changing the code to the garage. Can you please reach out to them and find out what it is now? [/v_tab] [v_tab title=”More ideas” icon=””]

I’m going to propose to my girlfriend! I know she wants something memorable. What are some dramatic proposal ideas?

I’m throwing a bachelorette party and I don’t want it to be cliché. What can we do to spice it up?

I feel bored with my hair, what’s trending right now? Can you book an appointment with a talented hair stylist for next week?

My kid’s soccer team needs new jerseys. Can you find out who does them for a good price around here?

I want to make sure my house has good Qi. What are some rules of feng shui? [/v_tab] [/v_tabs]

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