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We’re here to help you conquer your to-do and wishlists. Whether we tackle the task in-house or bring in an expert, nothing stands in our way. We’re constantly inspired by the creative ways our members leverage our concierge services and we invite even the most unique requests. Read real stories here.


Homes take work! As projects come up, whether it be born out of urgency or creativity, we’re here to make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Here are some ways we’ve helped our clients maintain their homes and make it their own:

  • arrange consultations and appointments
  • gather quotes
  • compare service providers
  • meet service providers on-site
  • research furnishings
  • deliver flowers
  • organize dinners

Your health is a priority and we’re here to help keep you on the right track. Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your wellness or dive deeper into your self-care, we can support you every step of the way.

Wellness is multi-faceted and highly personal. Here are some of the ways we’ve helped clients feel good in their body, mind, and spirit:

  • book workouts
  • purchase gear
  • map out meal plans
  • connect with specialists (therapy, coaches, physicians, etc.)
  • regular accountability check-ins
  • arrange massages
  • connect to a lifestyle coach
  • research at-home workouts
  • recommend meditation apps

Keeping up with everyone’s needs is a challenge! From dance lessons to elder care, we’ll make sure you and your family are taken care of.

Every family is unique but we’re ready to take on your most personal tasks:

  • find a reliable nanny
  • run mom’s errands
  • recommend after-school programs
  • research summer camps
  • plan adventures for all
  • set up doctors appointments
  • make teachers gifts
  • put emergency kit and plan together
  • provide birthday party supplies

A demanding career can be fulfilling but also overwhelming. Avoid burnout by focusing your energy on what’s most important. Delegate the tasks that don’t need to be done by you so you can put out your best work every day.

We have helped entrepreneurs, executives, managers, attorneys, and more streamline their work efforts by:

  • monitoring email inboxes
  • sorting mail
  • writing blog posts
  • revamping your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • connecting to a business coach
  • managing the hiring process
  • conducting market research
  • running errands
  • coordinating client gifts
  • summarizing webinars

We don’t recommend outsourcing the adventure, that’s for you to enjoy! But, you can delegate the work that goes into planning the experience. Our goal is to take the work out of play so you can show up excited without the burnt-out from the organizing.

We have helped our members live a more adventurous life by:

  • booking airfare, lodging, and transportation
  • researching retreats
  • arranging getaways
  • planning itineraries
  • taking care of tasks back home
  • arranging language learning classes
  • planning date nights
  • researching specialty certifications

A side effect of being overwhelmed is missing opportunities to connect with others. We love to help you carve out more quality time with your favorites and giving back to your community.

We can help you keep your connections alive by:

  • setting up girls nights
  • planning getaways
  • booking dinner reservations
  • sending gifts
  • finding volunteer opportunities
  • create community Facebook group
  • coordinate holiday cards
  • reminder to call mom
  • book holiday travel



There is a rise in on-demand support these days but not all services are cut from the same cloth. Here’s a little bit about how our unique offering empowers you in your everyday life.

Thorough Research

The most common request we get is to gather intel. Whether we’re digging up information on services, products, or processes, our process is to empower you with verified resources, not just surface-level information. Here are some examples of what that looks like.

Finding a Plumber
What we don’t do:
  • Google “plumbers” and send you the first few options we see that have a high-star review average.

What we do

  • Cross-reference data on multiple platforms and analyze the reviews themselves (because 5-star reviews can be bought and many companies utilize that system to trick customers into thinking they’re an established, reputable business).
  • Scope their online presence, including website and social media
  • Verify their license, bond, insurance, and claim status with the state Department of Labor & Industries.
  • Communicate with them to confirm availability, feasibility, and their general process for completing the work

Gathering Ideas for Local Events for the Kids

What we don’t do:

  • Send you a link to this week’s happenings on ParentMap

What we do:

  • Assess the best options by comparing data and calendars from multiple sources, being mindful to include as much variety as possible
  • Verify all pertinent logistics that a parent would want to know – including pricing, accessibility, expected timing, and (most importantly) that the activity in question is actually appropriate/recommended for the age group at hand.
We Never Take A Cut

When it comes to connecting you with service providers, our priority is finding the right fit for everyone involved – not getting a kickback. We have an ever-evolving network of service providers that we work to have strong relationships with so you can get the best experience possible. Because we believe it’s a conflict of interest to get a referral fee for recommending a vendor, we are not only equally happy to work with the companies you already know and love but if a company insists on gifting us something, we just pass it along to you.

We're Here to Troubleshoot

Some projects aren’t super straightforward but that doesn’t stand in our way! We’re not only here to execute tasks, we’re here to help problem-solve and troubleshoot even the most convoluted and multi-faceted projects. Although we appreciate whatever helpful details you can offer, don’t worry about knowing exactly what’s needed to send it to our team, that’s part of our value to you. We’ll take the project and help figure out who’s needed along the way and the best entry point for getting it checked off once and for all.

You Get a Brain Trust

Part of what empowers us to take on such a wide variety of tasks is the collective input of many bright minds. We are a closely-knit team that works together to take on your every project. To ensure a cohesive and consistent experience for our members, each concierge on our team must graduate from our rigorous in-house training program before working with you directly. Everyone brings their own strengths to the table which means the breadth of our capabilities is ever-expanding.


Always Virtual, In-Person As Needed in Seattle

There’s a lot we can do for you virtually. In fact, we have supported members virtually across the globe. However, sometimes you just need someone to be there in 3D to make something happen. Because you can’t be in two places at one time, we’re happy to provide on-site support for our Seattle area members. We’re available by appointment to run errands, oversee vendors, or check on your house when you’re out of town. This unique hybrid model empowers you with the flexibility life demands.

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