Start the New Year Right: 3 Simple Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

With a new year upon us, we’re given the perfect opportunity to make new choices about our lifestyle. Balancing the demands of work and personal time look different for everyone; clearly, there is no one size fits all resolution to achieve it, yet we have 3 simple, helpful and practical guidelines that will help you breathe a little easier.

No. 1: Take inventory of what’s truly taking up the bulk of your time during the week and on the weekends.
Take a minute to really digest how your 8 (or more) hour day is spent; is it in meetings all day? On the phone? Driving? Are you finding yourself eating at your desk, not drinking enough water, or running yourself ragged? It’s easy to lapse into days where you simply feel you cannot get ahead, and those are usually the red flags that should prompt us to take a time out. Add a lunch outing to your calendar; force yourself to walk outside briskly for 15 minutes, or stand and stretch away from your desk. Better yet, grab a friend and commit to some form of exercise on a set schedule; a 30-minute walk, a yoga class, you name it, but accountability is key and will pay dividends in the balance department.

Are your weekends getting eaten up by kids, errands, and outings? We get it! Keep a calendar that’s visible to everyone to avoid over-committing. Be OK with saying “no” to things that are stretching you too far, and keeping you from having “you” time. Streamline errands where possible.

No. 2: Delegate!
Now that you’ve got your list of your most time-consuming tasks in front of you, how many of them are ones you can delegate? We are in the business of taking on your to-do list, so you can do more of what you love! From yard work to researching the best places for your family vacation, we have you covered! The Pursuit team thrives on checking off your to-do list, by working with a variety of trusted and well-vetted resources in the area. We have an efficient and cost-effective Chip system that is designed to cater to your to-do list.

Close your eyes and think of how great it would be to go to lunch with friends, take a barre class, walk your dog, spend time with your loved ones, all the while knowing Pursuit was busy behind the scenes, saving you hours of time tackling your to-do list? Ahhhhh….pretty awesome, huh? We feed on exceeding our client’s expectations and meeting their budget needs.

No. 3:Limit the frequency that you check email & use “rules” to help streamline your “In” box.
With today’s mobile technology, distancing yourself from work and personal email is almost impossible, however setting durations of time to check email will help you from getting sucked into the bottomless pit of Reply; Reply to All, Forward, Delete, Flag, etc. Aim to set 3 times throughout the day where you can focus on scanning the most urgent emails and respond accordingly.

Sometimes just seeing the influx of email on your phone can make your heart race– how did I get 18 emails in the last hour?! Most email providers have “rules” you can set up to help streamline your inbox. Use them to your advantage! Perhaps you get articles every week from a publication you follow; awesome! Staying in tune with industry news is important to your job or family life, but so is finding the right time to read them, so create a rule that automatically files the emails from that publication in a designated folder. That way, you can refer to the folder when you have the time or need.

Better yet, take a closer look at how many emails you’re deleting every day; perhaps it’s time to unsubscribe from a few emails and trust you can visit the site on your own when you’ve got the time. Having a rule with a designated folder for all of those emails may just help get you back to center, and start embracing more work-life balance.