Grateful sentiments from members and colleagues

Wow, thanks. So, life threw me a curve ball this week and I got a promotion! Hooray! It has completely upended my routine though and I’m learning an entirely new role, starting this week. This has left little to no mind space for the move and all of our potential projects, so I’m really glad to have your assistance right now! Thank you!!


2016, Nurse

You make such a positive impact, I cannot even begin to tell you… except I’m going to try. This wasn’t one of those, “Windshield’s got to get done — meh, let’s toss it to Sondra”, this was “I asked my husband to do this ONE FRICKIN’ THING and he told me he’s busy — I’m super busy too!!!!!  What the hell dude!!!!!” — having your help is such a huge relief and such a marriage saver. You have saved my sanity and maybe my marriage by being here to help. So 100 thank you’s.


2015, Accountant

Working with the Pursuit Concierge + Lifestyle Management team has already given me hours of my life back… Thanks, Sondra and crew!


2014, Education Advocate

Sondra and her team are amazing. Sondra is very dedicated and passionate about getting things done, and can do so with very little information and managing. If she doesn’t have an answer, she will find one in short order!


2018, IT Architect

Provides quick turnaround with many options to choose from – this allows me to narrow my focus allowing for efficiency in meeting my needs! Thank you!se doing things I actually want to do.


2017, Life Coach

Sondra has been very responsive to a wide variety of taskings that have been extremely helpful for us in our crazily busy lives. Every task is done quickly, very professionally, and the results always exceed our expectations. She is awesome!!


2018, Military Man

Quick March 1 note of gratitude for your support and availability with my requests. I got my new computer stuff (though admittedly, I haven’t set it up yet…), and I *think* I got my insurance worked out…

I really adore your skill and professionalism and timeliness and follow through and quality of everything I’ve engaged you on. And I tell everyone I talk to about you, and rave rave rave.

Just saying hello and thanks. We can never do it enough!


2019, Consultant

Sondra and team have been a dream: flexible, fast, and extremely effective. I tried getting help through contractors abroad, and it was not worth the time. Sondra by contrast totally gets it and can run with projects with almost no input. If you have something you don’t have time to do, or can’t handle, get help!


2017, Tech Climber

We contracted Pursuit Concierge to help us find technical professional help for a project for which had been stalled due to difficulty in reaching the right professionals with the specific scope we needed. Pursuit helped us to locate and connect to a range of good candidates, from which we found the companies that we needed to get the project back on track. Communication with Pursuit was efficient and direct, and we got the result we needed on the first iteration. Five stars.


2018, Scientist

Pursuit is amazing for my clients that have issues being mobile and schedules too busy to get everything done! It’s refreshing to see how efficient she is and my clients get their life back.

When I hear someone say they are too busy I give them her number and always get a call back about a week later thanking me!


2015, Insurance Broker

I was reflecting this weekend on all the good and bad things that have happened in 2019 — and finding you and Pursuit is very high up on the “good” list.  You’ve made a huge difference in my life in a very short period of time and I am extremely grateful for everything you do.


2019, Surgeon

I appreciate how available, helpful and professional you are. It’s a huge relief to us right now knowing that we have someone assisting in this.


2016, Contractor

I use PURSUIT concierge almost daily to streamline my workflow. It’s amazing how much peace of mind comes from knowing that I have sharp assistants to tackle the tasks I don’t have time for. These aren’t just any assistants, they are extremely sharp and have grown an ability to predict what I’m going to need next. The quality of work that comes from PURSUIT is always outstanding. Submitting work requests couldn’t be easier and everything is tracked from one platform to streamline the request process. Specifically, I use them for marketing, branding, research, and any virtual tasks I just don’t have the patience for. Without a doubt PURSUIT concierge helps me deliver better service to my clients and I get back the precious time that I can use doing things I actually want to do.


2016, Real Estate Agent

The concierges at Pursuit are reliable, proactive, and independent thinkers. They’re flexible enough to figure out how to help me most effectively, even to the point of recommending someone else for specific tasks if it’s a better fit. They’ve been great about helping me figure out what I should be delegating in the first place. I’ve especially appreciated that they’ve kept a professional demeanor and treated me with respect regardless of how much chaos I’ve brought to the table or the fact that I have to stay within a certain budget.


2018, CPA

Pursuit is a lifesaver. No lie. I run my own business from home and it’s easy to get distracted by tasks that pile up because there’s never enough time. They’ve scheduled doctors’ appointments, set up regular house cleaning times and run errands for my business. They are awesome as business assistants because I only need help occasionally. They’re fast, reliable and Sondra always follows up to find out how things went if she can do anything else. She’s also great at thinking of ways Pursuit can help because I’m too used to doing things myself. I can’t recommend them more highly.


2017, Web Designer

Library books are the fuel for my mom’s fire. She’s a fast reader and the library almost can’t keep up with her. So, when she gets hit with one of her migraines, and I’m at work and can’t get to the library before it closes, and the books are due to expire THAT DAY, I contact Pursuit Concierge! They have always been able to rescue the books off of the shelves, sometimes at the very last minute and with very little notice! I’m extremely grateful to Sondra and the Pursuit Concierge team for helping me keep up with my Mom!

2017, Loving Daughter

Just want to say thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart you really saved our ass and saved our summer trip thank you guys!


2019, Auto Mechanic

Most of us have a ‘to-do’ list that keeps growing and subconsciously weighs us down. I was so relieved to be referred to Pursuit Concierge because they quickly helped me check off four of the most pressing items I had on my list. I was very impressed by the attentiveness and diligent communication throughout the process. The website makes it easy to enter requests and track the status without having to sift through emails. Sondra and her team have been incredibly efficient and effective and nowadays that is a rare find. I highly recommend them for assistance with large and small tasks, you’ll be so much happier you gave them a call.


2017, Photographer

Sondra and Octavia at Pursuit Concierge are simply stellar. As a small business owner I have an extremely busy schedule. I have a once a month download with Pursuit Concierge and they make my “back burner” “wishlist” items come true! They are my knowledgeable, professional delegation team that helps me to add more time to my day. I use their services for work and personal items to keep my business and life moving forward. They’ve tackled small jobs and tasks to larger items that require a number of moving pieces. They are my go-to service that I can’t imagine living without.


2017, Interior Designer

My fiance, puppy, and I went on a PNW getaway thanks to Sondra and her team and had a PHENOMENAL time. It was exactly what we needed and Pursuit took care of every little detail for us. It was perfect, can’t wait to do it again.


2017, Entrepreneur

Responsive, efficient, knowledgeable, well-connected, so organized. What did I do without you in my life?? ❤️


2019, Real Estate Agent

Wow! Once you spell it out like that it is mind boggling what we have accomplished in such a short time !!
I have literally been trying to get this stuff off the ground for the last three years!

I am unbelievably impressed by your skills and work ethic and am doing daily Hail Mary’s to thank God that our paths crossed! If one were to have fed my dream requirements for a personal assistant into the Pentagon Supercomputer you would have popped out !! I mean it, you are the best!!


2015, Real Estate Investor

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