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Learning new things long after you’ve completed school has all sorts of benefits. Check out these 10 benefits that can inspire you to get back in class. And if you need help getting enrolled or coming up with ideas, we’re here to make that happen for you!

Reason #1: Discover your Talents and Ignite your Passions
Maybe you’re a banker, but you’re also an amazing dancer. Without participating in a leisure dance activity, that skill and passion will go unrealized. Many hobbies and interests are often explored as children, but it is just as important to explore and exercise those passions and talents in our adult lives as well. After all, don’t grown-ups deserve to enjoy life beyond their jobs?

Reason #2: Boost your Self-esteem
Meeting a new challenge will positively affect one’s view of themselves. Although most of us become less interested in learning new things as we move deeper into adulthood, many studies show that older adults will actually enjoy and value new knowledge and accomplishments more than children, adolescents, and younger adults.

Reason #3: More Time Efficiency
Believe it or not, squeezing new things into your old routine will often give you more time. Many time management gurus will attest to the fact that the addition of a leisure learning activity will improve one’s ability to manage their time. Sleeping patterns, punctuality, and an increase of free time are typical results when someone intentionally creates space for taking a class or exercising a hobby.

Reason #4: Meet New People
Whether you’re taking on a new language, joining a kickboxing class, or learning to bake, you are sure to bump into other people with a shared interest and often a different view on life that can greatly enrich your own. The opportunity to foster new friendships and even network alone is worth taking up a new class.

Take a ClassReason #5: Connect with Others
Besides making new acquaintances, learning something new can also mean that you are spending quality time with some older ones. You can learn gardening tips from a neighbor that you typically don’t carve out time for, or have an old friend help you learn to knit. Being out and doing something with other people (not engaging them only through social media) will strengthen social bonds and help you to maintain a non-self-centered perspective on life.

Reason #6: Spark your Creativity
Using your mind and body and in a different way will stretch the way you think. This will ultimately lead you to discover connections in things that may seem unrelated. And as you continue to stretch your mind to master a new craft, it will organically spill over to other areas of your life and inspire change and newness in ways that you wouldn’t have foreseen.

 Reason #7: Mental Wellness
Aside from a boost in your self-esteem, learning new things, especially deeper into adulthood, will exercise your mental abilities. Having to focus and put forth effort into something when most other areas of your life have become routine or automatic, will keep your brain sharp and strong.

Reason #8: Physical Wellness
Particularly, when you’re taking on a physical challenge like rock climbing, yoga, or horseback riding, you will, of course, be exposing yourself to an increased amount of exercise which is great for your physical health. But even when the new class is something less physical like playing piano or sign language, your body will positively respond to your use of creativity or heightened level of focus. Typically, this can cause your quality of sleep to improve, which of course has a positive effect on your physical health.

Reason #9: Increase your Personal Growth
Most personal trainers will inform you that changing your daily workout routine will increase muscle growth. This is because working out the same muscles, in the same way, doesn’t give those muscles time to rest, repair themselves, and become stronger. In the same way, adding some additional learning in your regular schedule can get your brain away from work or other typical responsibilities. Then when you re-approach those things, you have clearer and fresher perspectives on them. Making it easier to facilitate betterment or growth.

Reason #10: It’s fun!
This last reason is probably the most important…you take up a class or learn something new because it’s a fun thing to do! Simple as that.


So tell us, what class are you going to take next?

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