Because moving the body is also good for the mind.

“If you are in a bad mood go for a walk. If you are still in a bad mood go for another walk.”

– Hippocrates

Our mental and physical health depends on us moving our bodies. We weren’t built to be lazy and immobile, yet it can be challenging to keep up a good movement practice. Whatever you do to get your body moving, it should be fun and enjoyable.

Here are some of our favorite ways to get into motion in Seattle:


Stretch at Bala Yoga*

Tone with Barre at Bohemian Studios*

Group training at Shogun Fitness*

Go hiking in the North Cascades*

Paddle the lake from Urban Surf*

Join a sports team*

Cycle to work

Walk to lunch

Play tennis at a local park*

Wander through the Arboretum

Blast some tunes and dance like nobody’s watching

Learn to sail and the Seattle Sailing Club*

Join a rowing team at the Lake Washington Rowing Club*

Borrow a Lime bike and cruise the Burke-Gilman

Make love

Walk the dog

Take a dance class at Salsa Con Todo*

Run around Green Lake

If some of these activities sound awesome but you’re not sure where to get started reach out. We’ve got some great resources to share with you. Like this awesome Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Hiking!

So, how will you move your body today?


* These are delegatable tasks! You can’t delegate who goes but you can have us reserve your spot.

Sondra Firestein

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