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From lovers to colleagues, all the relationships in your life deserve some one-on-one time. Here are 5 fun Seattle dates for you to share with the important people in your life.

When we think of going on a date, there’s usually a romantic connotation. But don’t all of our relationships deserve some one-on-one attention? When we honor all the relationships in our lives, we feel more secure, more fulfilled, and more at peace. We’re social creatures with complex interpersonal dynamics, but, in the end, all we really want are fun, positive experiences with each other. Quality time together allows us to bond with one another in a deeper way.

Here are 5 fun Seattle date ideas to honor significant relationships in your life.


A good date with a lover gets you connecting on several levels. Ideally, you tap into different types of communication – some good conversation and a little physical touch. Dinner and dancing is a classic date but it’s hung around for a while because it works and is a ton of fun. A sexy little combo would be sharing plates at the Turkish Bodrum Bistro, then catching some live funk music at Seamonster Lounge down the street.


A date with Mom and/or Dad should probably include room for conversation, but with a time limit and lots of pretty little distractions along the way. Taking the ferry from downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island is the perfect option. If a little walk on the far end doesn’t scare anybody, take the ferry as walk-on passengers. The water is beautiful, and the town of Bainbridge has quaint shops, cute cafes, and tasty wineries.


When you’re looking to bond with a work associate outside of the office, it’s nice to have a built-in conversation piece. Art galleries are great for this. Meet at an easy spot that serves a yummy variety of beverages, like the Fireside Room at the Hotel Sorrento. It’s the type of place that feels equally chic for tea or cocktails. Once you’re all warmed up, walk just a few blocks over to check out the latest exhibit at the Frye Art Museum. Sharing the experience of appreciating (or maybe judging) art allows you each the opportunity to learn about what excites the other outside of work.


Good friends encourage us to reach further, dive deeper, and expand our horizons. If there’s something new you want to try, take a class with a friend! You’ll support each other as you learn together. So fly high at Emerald City Trapeze or throw clay in a pottery class. Have fun, and honor your friendship by planning a thoughtful date just for the two of you.


A date with a kid should allow for loud noises, space to run, and room for the imagination to go wild. Head to Discovery Park to see what you can discover together. There’s a little bit of everything: Puget Sound, cool landmarks, forest, and fields. Choose your own adventure! The park is a canvas for a child’s creative mind. See if you can join in their pure wonder as you try to keep up with them.

Whether you’re adventuring with a kid, a colleague, a friend, a lover, or a parent, just do your best to show up fully. Be present with them for every moment of your date. That’s what really makes the experience rewarding.


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