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Get more done by honoring your boundaries. When you know your own limits, you can better leverage the support of others.


Feeling over-extended is a common symptom of today’s societal expectations. We take on more each day than we ever have before. We are driven by the romanticized stories of entrepreneurial celebrities, inspiring Instagram moms, or our friends who seem to have it all. What we don’t see is the support team behind these people.

First of all, let’s acknowledge right now that you are just as awesome as those people you look up to. Second, know that nothing is ever done alone. It takes a village to make $#!t happen. Third, when you set clear boundaries in your own life, you’ll get mad respect.

Setting boundaries and getting more done go hand in hand. There is simply more on your plate than you have the time and energy for. The workaround (that the clever ones have found) is to leverage the support of others to take over whatever doesn’t lie within your own defined limitations.

If you find yourself overwhelmed on a regular basis, you need to set clearer boundaries. Though it’s possible to experience this sensation for a brief period, it isn’t sustainable. And it certainly won’t help you accomplish your many important goals.

The good news is, breaking out of this cycle is within your control. Every day you have a choice in how much you take on. Live a more balanced life by only acting within your own boundaries. Only you can know your limits and make them clear to those around you.

You may not consciously know what your limits are, especially if you’ve been known to take on too much for a while. So, we’ve compiled a short list of thoughts that may bubble up for you throughout your day that should serve as triggers. If you find yourself noticing this internal dialogue, recognize them as indicators of your boundaries. 


I can’t get myself to start.

Even though you know it’s important to do, you just can’t get yourself to do the thing. Break it into tiny little pieces that make it easier to tackle. If that doesn’t work either, it’s okay to give up by letting someone else do it for you.

I feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Never put your physical, emotional, or financial well-being in jeopardy for the sake of “doing it yourself”. If your intuition says you need to walk away or get help, honor that.

I don’t want to do this anymore.

Who says you have to? You are in charge of you. If spending one more minute thinking about it is too much, find a way to remove yourself from this scenario. Step away from it, adjust it so it is interesting to you, or finding someone else to take over. This is especially true if it recurs.

This is a waste of my time.

If this thought ever enters your mind, abort, abort, abort! Time is too valuable to ever waste.


I know someone could do this better and faster.

For somethings, there is a reward for improvement. For many, many others, there’s no real need for you to hone that specific craft. You’re better off letting someone who knows what they’re doing take it over so you can put that energy into something more productive.

This prevents me from doing something enjoyable.

There is no shame in delegating or dropping tasks so that you can focus your energy on something that brings you joy. That is a perfectly reasonable justification and boundary.


This conflicts with my core values.

Nothing is worth forfeiting your integrity. When your core values are confronted, let them remain strong. There will be someone else who is willing to cross that line but it doesn’t have to be you.


Of course, we all have some obligations that incite these reactions that really, truly must be done by us and cannot be delegated. When that’s the case, know that even then you aren’t alone. If you need advice, feedback, resources, or someone to vent to, you’re still supported.

Pay attention to these thoughts when they pop up and see if you can find a way to distance yourself from whatever brought that up for you. If you’d like for someone else to take over for you, contact us at Pursuit Concierge. We can help you find the expert you need or take on the task ourselves. No matter what the challenge, we can ensure you’re supported through the process.


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