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We’re commemorating our first year in this amazing community and the magic that can be found here.

This month, we’re celebrating one year in our Whittier Heights/Ballard location! We feel so fortunate to be in such a vibrant neighborhood, surrounded by such amazing people. Despite the challenges this year has thrown at all of us, this community continues to thrive no doubt due to its soul and resilient businesses.


Neighborhoods like this one are special and hard to come by. Every day the sidewalks bustle with strollers, kiddos on bikes, adorable fluffy dogs, and folks excited to get some kind of tasty treat. We live for the days when the intoxicating aroma of woodfired pizza wafts into our office from Delancey’s smokestacks. For a midday pick-me-up, we’re spoiled between the pastries from Rosellini’s and The Fat Hen’s world-famous brunch. When the sweet tooth tingles, Frankie & Jo’s is there like a good friend, always a reliable and fun companion. And the chic boutiques, Anders and Editor, make for enticing window shopping and impromptu houseware purchases.


With so much charm and care in this little ‘hood, we knew we wanted to contribute our own bit of charisma. With only a few feet of street front, we wanted to make a splash with a burst of color and a dose of inspiration. We wanted to turn our drab door into something fab.


We worked collaboratively with our friend and local artist, Rosie Alyea, to create a piece of art that would speak to what we do while speaking to the hearts of the passersby. First and foremost, we wanted to contribute something beautiful. We wanted to tell a story from afar and up close by catching your eye from across the street and pulling you in as you get lost in the details.


The door is a portal to a mystical place where everything is possible. Two friends sit together on a hillside, silhouetted against the starry night sky. They admire the constellations sparkling above, representing the many facets of a fulfilling and healthy life. A curiously mysterious hand reaches from the portal to ever so delicately place the waning moon in the sky – a finishing touch to the illuminating scene.


Real magic happens when you allow your dreams to stretch as far as the stars, when you allow yourself to walk into a world of limitless possibilities, and when you allow others to help make it all come true. We’re grateful to be able to support our members in their dreams and it’s an honor we recognize every day. 


Someday, we hope to welcome folks through our portal door into our space for small events and mindful delegation™ workshops. For now, we invite you to swing through our neighborhood, enjoy the sweetness that can be found here, and get lost in the fantasies of your most fulfilling existence. You never know what just may come true.


We look forward to spending many more years in this community, getting to know our neighbors, and being a beacon of light even in the darkest of times. We are grateful to celebrate one year here and everything that we’ve enjoyed along the way.


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