Shift your mental, emotional, and energetic self into the flow state with this self-guided exercise.

Ready to create even more flow in your life while releasing the roadblocks that are keeping you stuck?  

As discussed in part one of this two-part series, being in a “state of flow” has been hailed as the optimal human experience, and is frequently credited as one of the keys to living our happiest and most meaningful lives.  It’s often associated with the simultaneous feelings of joy, clarity, awareness, transcendence, timelessness, and the natural rhythm of creativity that ensues. People often refer to this state as “being in the zone,” moving along where “things just click,” or being guided by a deeper level of self, spirit, or soul.

Shifting your mental, emotional, and energetic self into this state is the most direct route to plug into flow, but it’s not always easy to simply switch gears.  If you’re feeling stuck, creating flow experiences on purpose is one of the easiest ways to kickstart a change. If you’re ready to find out how, treat yourself to this 15 minute exploration to set your greatest flow into motion today.   

Note: This exercise is specifically designed to pair with part one – “Cultivating Flow: Where Science and Spirituality Meet.”  


Items needed

15 minutes + a quiet space to reflect + a notebook and pen + you


7 Steps


1. Get Present
Set up a quiet space for yourself before you begin.  Put away your electronic devices, close the door, and take 5 deep breaths to invite in the present moment.  This is your time to relax and connect to yourself, and taking the time to begin in this way sets the tone for a deeper exploration to arise.


2. Ask, Listen, & Free Write
There are a few reflection questions listed below.  Read the first one, listen to what your inner self has to say, and allow yourself to free write the responses.  

Don’t worry about whether the answers are “right or wrong.”  Simply let them pour out on the paper and continue to write until you feel you’ve got them all out.  Then move on to the next question, and the next, repeating the process with each one.

In-the-Flow Inventory

What kinds of activities have you participated in where you…

Felt most “in the zone”?  

Experienced the sensation of timelessness, focus, clarity, awareness, transcendence, and enjoyment at the same time?

(Note: Use both specific and general examples, big and small, and go as far back in time as you can, from the present moment to when you were a kid.  Why? Many of us often forget or stop doing these things over time.)

Out-of-Flow Inventory

What kinds of activities are you currently participating in where you feel the most…

Out of sync?

Stuck, overwhelmed, or foggy?

Out of alignment with your core self?


3. Reflect
Now that you’ve written all of this out, what do you notice?  What patterns or themes do you see?


4. Choose
Take a look at your Out-of-Flow Inventory.  If you were to create a meaningful change in one of the areas on this list, which one would have the greatest positive impact in your life?  Circle it.

Next, take a look at your In-the Flow Inventory, and ask the same question.  Circle your top choice.

The items you choose don’t need to be “the exact right things,” though they can be.  Simply choose the ones that feel true to you today.  Why?  You’ll be using them to take action, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed trying to choose the “perfect” answers, leading to stagnation and even greater Out-of-Flow experiences, so trust your gut and go with what you know.


5. Action & Accountability
Now take the two top items you identified in step 3 and commit to taking action that will help support what you uncovered.

Put your action items on the calendar and enroll an accountability buddy today by telling a friend, partner, coach, or colleague what you’ve committed to.  Scheduling them creates a commitment to yourself, and telling someone else gives you a double layer of support to move your action into completion.  Bringing consciousness to your new action items is key to increasing your chances of success. 


6. Celebrate
Remember to celebrate when you finish!  This is a critical step as we so often move on to the next thing, but life is so much more than a checklist of “to do’s.”  Taking a moment to soak in the goodness helps you enjoy the results of your action while reinforcing both what you DO want, and the positive steps you are taking to say yes to your life.


7. Reflect, Rinse & Repeat
Once you have completed your action items, take a look at your original exploration.  What do you notice?  What has changed?  Is there anything you want to add, remove, or adjust?  Choose your next action and continue the momentum forward.

It’s amazing the difference even 15 minutes of intentional reflection can make.  I see clients generating amazing results all the time, and if you are inspired to let me know what changes this creates in your life, I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you all the best as you continue to explore and grow!

With love and gratitude,


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