Every day there is something to celebrate. Don’t let your wins sneak by you unnoticed. Here are 10 ways to honor your awesomeness and celebrate every tiny victory.

Every day is filled with wins. If you don’t believe me, it’s because you’re not paying close enough attention. When you’re only looking ahead at what must be done, you may miss what you’re doing already. Our fast-paced lives whizz past us so quickly, it can be hard to keep up with our own accomplishments. It can feel like no matter how much work you put in, it’s never enough. The best way to overcome this overwhelm is to celebrate every tiny victory.

Sometimes we celebrate the really big wins like closing a deal or launching a new product. But we’re all guilty of steamrolling right through to the next task. Great, I did a thing? What’s next on the list? When even the big wins get overlooked, it’s no surprise that the little ones get missed all the time. It’s the little ones that accumulate that get us to that big win. It’s the little ones that consume our energy each day so they, too, deserve to be celebrated.

I’m sorry to say that no matter how much you delegate, your to-do list will never truly be done. That’s the sign of a purposeful life, there’s always something to be contributing. Finding ways to honor your daily accomplishments helps balance out the steady stream of work. It can create a pause between tasks just big enough to restore your energy. It gives you the confidence that you’re making progress. It provides the opportunity to share your celebrations with others and acknowledge their support. It makes it all just a little bit more worth it.

Just as there are wins big and small, there are celebrations big and small. Finding ways to weave them into your daily life will help you see your hard work is paying off. Show yourself a little love for all the effort you pour into your work at home and in the office. Here are just some of the ways you can celebrate every tiny victory:


Make a WINS list
If you’re not really sure what to celebrate, start by keeping a list of all the wins you notice. It helps you see how awesome you already are and how much you do every day. Whenever you do anything (take out the garbage, answer some emails, start your laundry or delegate tasks to Pursuit) put it on the list. As you keep adding to your list throughout your day, you may be surprised by how much you’re doing. Every single thing on that list is worth celebrating. So tell yourself how awesome you are.


Treat yourself to something decadent
Maybe it’s a piece of cake or a mocha or a new pair of earrings. Whatever it is, enjoy it deeply and without distractions.


Shut down early
If you’ve knocked a few things off the to-do list and nothing else is so urgent it can’t wait until tomorrow, shut it down. Close your computer. Leave your desk. Go do something fun and don’t look back.


Do a little dance
Inbox zero? Gimme a shimmy. Payroll submitted? Wiggle that booty. Kid’s playroom cleaned? Crank that music and let it all out! Move your body however it feels good and spread that happiness from your head to your toes.


Say yes to vacation
Are you one of the 52% of Americans with unused vacation days? Then book that vacation you’ve been thinking about taking . You deserve it, without a doubt.


Thank whoever helped along the way
Many of our wins can only happen with the help from someone else. Let them know how grateful you are for their support. They’re going to be thrilled for you and you’re going to feel good for making them feel good. It’s a lovely feedback loop.


Book a massage
Or take a bath or drink some tea. Show yourself some love with some calming self-care. Unwind from the tension of a busy day with whatever your go-to practice is.


Brag about your win to a friend
Celebrating anything is always better with a friend. Take no shame in calling up a pal and telling them how stoked you are about your win. Your loved ones will be thrilled for you and help you amplify the awesomeness of your accomplishment.


Take a break
It feels good to be productive when you’re in the zone. When you can feel yourself losing focus or getting tired, instead of pushing through it, honor it. Show yourself some appreciation for the hard work you’ve put in by taking a break. Pull yourself away from it for at least 20 minutes. Go for a walk, play with your dog, or eat a snack. Hit the reset button as a way of saying thank you to you.


Be in it
There are lots of fancy, elaborate gifts you can offer yourself as a way to celebrate your wins but as it so often goes, it’s the simplest touches that can mean the most. Give yourself the gift of intentional, present awareness. Feel your celebration fully. Notice where you feel it in your body. Reflect on what it took to get to where you are now. When you take a few moments to really sit in the feeling of accomplishment, you’re honoring yourself deeply.


There are infinite ways to honor your infinite task list. Finding the ways that are most nourishing to you will be most restorative. They will give you the stamina to keep chipping away at your to-do list. So please don’t let another day go by without finding a way to celebrate you and your awesomeness. If anyone deserves it, it’s you.


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