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Take a moment to reflect on a positive occurrence in your life. Would you consider it to be a coincidence or a manifestation? There is a very clear distinction between the two. When something happens in your life that was premeditated it’s hard to imagine that it’s entirely coincidental. Even if it feels like it was out of your control, couldn’t it be possible that your thoughts led it to happen in reality? Wouldn’t your intentions drive you to say certain things or behave in certain ways that could influence its arrival in your life?

Every day is filled with thousands of micro experiences. Most of them go unnoticed, they just whiz by. The ones that you pay attention to are usually the ones that answer some kind of prayer. Here’s a silly example: if I’m parking my car in front of my house I think nothing of it. There’s always loads of space available so I just pull in while thinking about anything but parking. When I’m parking at my office it’s a different story. When I’m about 2 blocks away I start my parking mantra “There is a nice wide open spot waiting for me”. I’ll probably repeat this to myself 20 times before I even arrive at my Fremont office. When one lonely, little spot sits there open just for me I feel like I’ve just conjured magic. It’s unlikely that the spot was open because I said my mantra but what I take away from this experience is how much more fulfilling it is to find the spot after asking for it.

We’re always working towards goals or dreams and we’re all making accomplishments each day. Some are small and somewhat insignificant, some are monumental in our storyline. But from my perspective, it’s much more meaningful to achieve something after premeditating that it’s something that I want for my life. If something significant happens without my requesting it, it feels random and perhaps lucky. But when I envision something I’d like to see for myself and it comes to fruition I feel in control of my own destiny. It’s the difference between having life happen to me versus creating my own life.

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There is always randomness in the world because you can’t be in control of everything. But when it comes to the things you really want for yourself, it’s important to be clear about what you want so when it presents itself to you, you can grab it. Allow yourself to be surprised by how it shows up. Your perception of your dream may be a little different from the reality of it and that flexibility is important. But it’s most important to know what you’re looking for so you don’t miss amazing opportunities

I invite you to come practice envisioning your desires at our inspirational networking event, Power Up. We come together as a group on the first Tuesday of each month at the Happyseeker Hub to vocalize our deepest dreams and intentions. It’s an opportunity to fine tune your future so when opportunities present themselves you’ll be prepared to accept them.

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