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Your best shot at outsourcing a task successfully starts with being crystal clear about the results you expect. When it comes to delegation, the what (the end result) is more important than the how (the method of execution). 

The purpose of delegation is to remove the responsibility of getting something done away from yourself. So long as you’re clear about what result should be yielded (what you’re hoping to achieve, due dates, etc.) and all relevant resources are provided (passwords, files, due dates, etc.) the how should be irrelevant.

Mindful delegation involves the practice of letting go. Let go of the desire to control every aspect of a project and trust that it is in good hands.


Empower your tasker by trusting them with the execution.


No one flourishes under a micromanager. If you’ve set clear expectations, provided the resources they need to succeed, and delegated to the appropriate person, let them show you what they can do.

You must be able to trust they have the wherewithal to figure out the best approach for execution. Give them the chance to troubleshoot, problem-solve, and execute using their own methods.

Leave space for them to come to you with questions that you can answer specifically, instead anticipating hypothetical complications. Cross those bridges as you come to them.

When you focus on the what and leave the how to the executor, delegating gets a whole lot easier and goes a whole lot faster.


Put it into action

The next time you delegate a task, answer these questions:
  1. What is a satisfactory end result?
        (what you’re hoping to learn or achieve, due date)
  2. What resources do they need to be successful?
         (logins, files, addresses, budgets, availability, specific processes, etc.)
  3. Is there any context that would empower them to make executive decisions? If yes, summarize succinctly.

Share this with your executor so they know what results would make you feel supported and happy.

If you find yourself getting the urge to meddle, notice this about yourself and take a deep breath. Thank your mind for caring and kindly request that it release the concern. You can relax knowing your tasker will reach out with questions if they have any.

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