Delegation is like a muscle and it takes time to strengthen it. As with all new skills, learning the right techniques will give you a stronger base to build upon. Which is exactly why we’re here.

You can expect to receive new tips every month that will give you the tools to succeed and delegate with confidence; not just to us but to everyone you lean on.


Your first tip of the year is a two-fer:


1. Read our emails and add us to your address book so you never miss a message. If you’re not signed up to get emails you can subscribe here!

2. Offer yourself patience as you learn new skills and grow. You’ll be trying on new approaches that may feel uncomfortable at first but with time and practice, and a little self-compassion, you’ll notice the positive changes they bring in.

Before you know it, you’ll be a master delegator with an abundance of time and energy to use as you please!

Put it into action

Flex those delegation muscles by finding one task you can let go of this month and send it our way!

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