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Delegation is an integral part of the human experience. It brings us closer to others and contributes to our happiness. We can’t live without it and all have a role to play.

You may have convinced yourself that you’re not a good delegator but whether you realize it or not, you delegate every day. Our entire social structure is built on leveraging the skills of other people. You can’t even pour yourself a cup of coffee or get dressed in the morning without the involvement of delegation. You didn’t grow the coffee, sew your clothes or build your house. Every aspect of our lives is touched by the work that others have done for us.

It may seem abstract but it’s the reality. Delegation is a fiber of society so integrally woven into our way of life that we don’t even see it. Every time you ask a friend for a favor, pay for a service, or assign your kid a chore, you are delegating. When you start to notice just how much we’re leaning on each other every day, you start to realize that asking for help is normal and necessary.

We are all a part of the web of delegation. Every day you go to work, you’re playing an important role in making sure that the job gets done. You’re taking on tasks every day to contribute to the bigger picture.

As we share the responsibilities of what needs to be done, we build strong social connections. As we lean on the people we trust, we are freed up to be there for others. These deeper relationships contribute greatly to our overall sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Offering service to others forms that connection and has the power to create community. We know this because we feel it every time we follow through for someone. It feels good to do something helpful for others. It can be as small as bringing the appetizer to the dinner party. That contribution may seem insignificant but it holds weight. It builds a network of trust and support between you and the host.

When you realize that nothing is done alone, that we’re all leaning on each other, and that getting support is a basic aspect of human life, you can start to explore more ways of leveraging the web of delegation.

We are all granted 24 hours each day and get to choose how we use them. Our role is to determine what deserves our direct attention and what can be done by someone else. There is always someone else who would be happy to take on that role. In fact, that dreaded task of yours may be what gives them a purpose in life, in the web of delegation.

It may seem subtle but it is ever-present. We all benefit from this web of connection and delegation. So consider what it is that you contribute and how you do leverage the skills, knowledge, and experiences of other people. Explore ways to concentrate your energy and allow others to play their role in your life. We’ll all be happier when we do.

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