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If there’s one word to describe me, it would be mutable. No, it doesn’t mean you can put me on silent. It means “liable to change.” Not only do I seek constant change and fluctuation in my life, I crave it. I feed off it.

This insatiable appetite for constant newness can be challenging to satisfy. Sometimes it manifests itself by pulling all of my clothes out of their drawers and rearranging their placement for the sense of a new closet. Sometimes I chop all my hair off. Sometimes I try to rework how my business is designed.

I know I’m not the only one with these urgent desires to switch things up. So, I thought I’d start sharing some of my ideas of things you can do to feel a little variation in your life, constantly. These are weekly challenges available to whomever wishes to partake. They’re opportunities to explore a new way of living, even if only temporary. It’s meant to be fun; to be a way to explore new ideas and lifestyles.

I do believe happiness stems from continuous learning. How else are you to discover new interests to keep you entertained? Having a wealth of knowledge to discuss and share allows for conversations with people from all walks of life. Maybe what starts as an experiment transforms into your livelihood. The only way to know is to try.

So, for an indefinite amount of time, I will be offering these challenges as encouragement to break from your routine. I hope you’ll join me.

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Eat your breakfast. Everyday. Outside.

For some, it’s hard enough just to eat your breakfast. We want to see you do it every day this week and in fresh air.

I hope I haven’t started with something too difficult. If you’re already a breakfast eater, this one should be a breeze and a blast! There are number of benefits for eating a healthy breakfast, including:

  • Improved concentration and performance throughout your day.
  • More strength and endurance during physical activity.
  • Maintain a healthier weight and diet.
  • Boost short-term memory.

For me, eating breakfast keeps me from getting hangry mid-morning which is nice for me and great for whoever I’m with.

This week, do your best to eat your breakfast on your deck, in a park or at an outdoor cafe table. We’re at the peak of summer so you should be able to catch some morning light, unless you get up at some ungodly hour.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think of this small change to your daily routine.

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Self-care go-to is sleeping.