At home and at work, you’re surrounded by capable doers ready to lend a hand. Learn to recognize them and lean on them to get more done while doing less.

To truly unlock the power of delegation, you must have a team you trust. If you don’t trust the people doing the work, you’re in trouble. At best, you worry about the end result. At worst, you have to redo it or step in for some potentially costly damage control. But when you surround yourself with people you trust, you can count on them to follow through and help you achieve more while doing less.

Trust Your Intuition

When building your team, trust your gut when it comes to trusting others. Your intuition is almost never wrong. If red flags pop up listen to them carefully. You should be excited to have their help, not apprehensive.

Uncover the Hidden Helpers

You’re surrounded by people who can lend a hand. Can you see them? They show up as co-workers, friends, your partner, your parents, and even your kids. Make a list of contributors in your life. These are the people you know who are ready and eager to help. You just have to remind yourself that they’re there. Be mindful though, just because your friend has offered to help doesn’t mean they’re the right person for the task. Only delegate tasks to the ones you can trust are capable and responsible enough to follow through reliably.

Hire to Fill the Gaps

Delegating to our loved ones or colleagues too much can cause some tension. There’s a fine line between altruistic help and burdensome demands. Finding the rights for-hire folks to help you execute your task list will help. Whether it’s a housecleaner, handyman, nanny, chef, pet sitter, or your personal concierge (your one-stop shop), there are lots of folks who are just as dedicated to getting the job done right as you are. Leverage these services regularly to lighten your load sustainably.  If you’re worried about the cost of hiring such services, consider the true costs of not delegating.

Dig a Little Deeper

When your team is filled with trust-worthy people, you’ll notice more tasks you can delegate. You’ll learn what they’re good at and start to explore other possibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask them how they feel they can best support you. You may have ideas of how others can help, but it’s worth a listen to hear how they feel their skillsets can make your life easier. They may be willing to take on more than you thought they could.

Inevitably, some of your team members will disappoint you and come up short. If your intuition is signaling its concerns for their capabilities, listen to it. Take opportunities to get clearer on your expectations and guide them towards the results you’re expecting but if you have to micromanage their work, they’re not the right fit.

Keep building your team with intention. It needn’t be big. Just a couple of helping hands and minds can help carry your load sustainably, empowering you to focus your valuable time and energy on what’s most important to you.


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