These hand-picked classes are bound to put a smile on your face, leave you with new skills, and keep you inspired this autumn.

I don’t know about you but I feel a little twinge of envy as I think about the kiddos going back to school this time of year. Learning is exciting! Making new friends is exciting! Us grownups can easily fall into a habit of only sticking to what we know but it’s important to keep the mind nimble, flexible, and on a path of growth. You can’t really avoid learning as life sends its lessons along the way but expanding the mind through intentional learning is crucial for living a fulfilling life.

I find the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. This sparks my curiosity. I’ve become a sponge for new information primarily through books but also by stepping out from behind my computer, device, or the pages of my latest read and into a classroom. It’s invigorating! A couple of months ago, my partner and I took the Sourdough 101 course at Sea Wolf Bakery. We got to work with our hands and learn how to make one of the things that make us happiest in this world: a sourdough boule. (Their next class is on September 24th!)

There are so many ways to learn and each offers their own benefits. Certain modalities work for different minds but exploring the avenues of acquiring new knowledge or skills helps us understand ourselves better and can help us become better educators when it’s our turn to be on the other side of the learning process.

Constantly exploring new terrain opens us up to the possibilities this world offers, it introduces us to new people, and helps break up the routine with lasting bits of knowledge. And, as we head into the darker months, it’s nice to have an activity that sparks a light inside. So, we’ve procured a short list of some of the most intriguing classes that will get you out of that house this fall in Seattle.


SaltySeattle’s Colored Pasta Workshop

If you aren’t familiar with Linda Miller Nicholsons psychedelic (looking) pasta, we are happy to make the introduction. In this 4-hour crash course, you’ll make 6 colorful doughs for a “rainbow of pastabilities”, enjoy a fresh pasta lunch, and learn a variety of pasta shapes. The next class is coming up on September 28th

Weaving Wall Hanging Workshop

Add a little charm to your home with a handmade wall hanging. This mellow class, lead by internationally claimed fiber artist, Mandy Greer, may put you into a meditative state as you weave and sip tea alongside your classmates. The next class is happing on September 29th.

Sip and Spin Ceramics Class

Get behind the wheel and get spinning in this introductory class. In just an hour and a half, you’ll gain the techniques to make a few small pieces like a bowl, platter, or vase. The price also covers an additional hour of drop-in time to glaze your beautiful work and since it’s in the name, a glass of wine or kombucha, as well. The next class is on September 21st.

Get Me Bodied Writing Course

In this 8-session course, Angela Garbes will help you dive deeper into your work, physically. Recognizing that everything we do, feel, and, write about starts in our bodies, this class uses readings as inspiration to help craft visceral prose that is rooted and felt in the body. The series starts on October 18th.

We also suggest exploring the catalog of courses offered by the Hugo House.


I encourage you to be brave, to try to new things, say yes to opportunities that scare you, and follow the voice in your head that says “Yes! I want to know how to do this!” The more you do, the more enriching this life will become. Bring a friend along or go solo. Do what feels right to you and have fun along the way.


*Pursuit Members, if you’d like to sign up for one of these classes or get a curated list specific to your interests, just shoot us an email!


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