One of the surest ways to live a happier life is to fill it with the right people. Go to a meetup to find those people. is one of the greatest tools out there. It’s a mix between social media and good old fashioned socializing. If you’re not familiar with meetup, their tagline says it all: Find your people.

Thirsty Gals at the Octopus Bar

Each group is focused around a different interest. For example: the HAPPYSEEKERS meetup group is all about exploring new ways of living life to the fullest. Some groups are very specific like The French Conversation group or the Stand Up Paddle group. There is literally something for everybody.

This week, we suggest you step out of your comfort zone and not only RSVP to a meetup group but actually GO to a meetup group. It may seem a little scary but I promise it won’t be. If you need a buddy to hold you accountable, then invite a friend to go with you. Most groups are free and the people are almost always awesome.

A suggestion: find groups that are smaller. When a meetup gets too big (over 25 people attend) the closeness gets dissolved. Small groups are easier to integrate with because it’s obvious when someone new has arrived and it’s usually much less cliquey. You won’t have to butt into a conversation, you’re more likely to be warmly welcomed into one.

Check out our events page and see if there’s a meetup in there for you. Or, skim through the groups at and let us know which one you decided to go to!


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