How a little mindful delegation can help you get shit done when the pandemic has totally zapped your energy.

Now that we’re all settling into this new life where we exist within our homes at essentially all times, we’ve noticed that the formerly unobtrusive, casual assortment of things we need to take care of around the house are markedly more obtrusive and less casual.  Kinda hard not to think about your to-do list when it’s staring you in the face all day every day like the eye of Sauron.  The ring, it mocks us hobbits!
Yet for our undeniable proximity to these needs, it feels like we have less time than ever to tackle them.  Don’t be fooled by those guilt-tripping coronavirus productivity memes- just because we’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean it’s suddenly easier or less complicated to summon the will and energy to do stuff you (let’s be honest) don’t really want to do.  The internet is swift to judge those who haven’t used their ‘pandemic time’ to learn Xhosa or Marie Kondo their entire wardrobe, but just remember that other peoples’ standards don’t apply to you.  The only benchmarks you need to meet are your own.
And yet, realistic expectations and logic aside it still feels bad to have to confront the things you’ve been putting off so head-on.  Being stuck at home is a mental game that none of us were prepared for, the result of which is a skeptical confidence that we’re justified in struggling to get shit done combined with the nagging voice that tells us it’s always possible to exceed the bare minimum.  Sound familiar?
It all seems so bleak. And yet, if we squint we can almost make out….looks like a rainbow-colored light at the end of the tunnel…yes there it is!  Pursuit Concierge is still your go-to stop for all things delegation.  Whether it’s empowering you with the support and resources you (read: all of us) need to be more proactive or just straight up taking those tasks off of your hands and making lemonade with your to-do list lemons, we have you covered.
Has all that time staring at your walls made you realize the house could use a paint touch up?  We are sooo on it. We can send out paint samples, helpful tools, or heck, even a painter to do it for you!
Have you reached the conclusion that a handyman would be more helpful than YouTube videos? Some projects are just a little too complex. For the ones that extend beyond your field of comfort, let’s get a seasoned pro out to your home ASAP.

Realizing that being stuck at home all summer means you may finally need to get that AC system installed?  Put us on the case and it’s all Cool Runnings from here, baby!



Is your weekly Instacart delivery getting a little predictable?  We can find exciting recipes or meal kit deliveries to mix-up the mundanity and reignite your interest in cooking!



Can you officially say you’ve watched every interesting thing available on Netflix?  We can help strategize new ways to keep you entertained.
Whatever it is, whatever you need, there’s always a solution within reach.  You’re not in this alone.  We’re here to help you get it done or to do it for you.  Just reach out to us when you’re ready to overcome the overwhelm with mindful delegation.