When it feels like everything is going wrong, use gratitude as the medicine.

Some people believe a gratitude practice is a luxury, a practice for the most “well off”. This simply isn’t true. It’s a tool for all to help navigate the unique and universal challenges any person may face. Spending any time online might leave you with an overwhelming sense that the world is falling apart. These fears are valid and there is a lot of work to do, but focusing the majority of your attention on what isn’t going right doesn’t actually help.

Take a moment to consider what is going well and is making the world a better place. It may take a moment to surface but I promise you, there’s an abundance of light all around.

Focusing on the positivity does not mean you’re ignoring the real issues we face. But using every ounce of your good intentions on the sadness might zap you of any hope and deplete your energy.

Now, maybe more than ever, we need people to bring the good stuff to the surface. We need the good people, like you, to have the energy and hope that love will win. The beautiful part about a gratitude practice is, the more you express your appreciation for what is, the more you notice things to be grateful for. 

When you see that despite the darkness there is much to be grateful for, you’ll inspire those around you to see the light and bring it to the surface with you. Gratitude is a pure energy and it’s infectious. It heals deep wounds and dismantles fears.

I encourage you to take a moment to consider 3 things that you’re grateful for right now. Write them down or share them in the comments so you can see them right in front of you. And when you find yourself at the dinner table for the holidays and it gets heated or a bit heavy, offer the same opportunity to them. Invite your family and friends to consider what they’re truly grateful for in that moment.

When you see that despite your differences, you appreciate many of the same things, let this be the bridge that connects you in difficult moments. You see, gratitude is a medicine. It has the power to mend our relationships with others and with our current situation. It is a necessary tool for getting through the tough times.

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