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We’re here to help where it matters. From the fluffy stuff to the deeply personal, we’re solutions oriented every step of the way. Here’s how we helped one member find the care she needed to overcome an eating disorder.

When you think of a personal concierge, you may think we just help with the fluffy stuff: booking tickets to shows, arranging home services, and sending flowers. But the truth is, we dive deep.

One of our members, a self-employed app developer, typically leveraged our concierge services to find the right business support like bookkeepers and attorneys. Then one day, he came to us with something far more personal. Not for him, but for his girlfriend.

For almost a decade she had been faced with an eating disorder. She’s a private person so she was able to hold this secret close for a long time. Though she had made efforts here and there to address it over the years, she would get derailed every time she hit some resistance in the process.

When we’re dealing with a deeply rooted insecurity or challenge, the smallest bumps in the road can be enough to shut down all our progress. It takes tremendous energy to take care of even the simplest of tasks whether it’s filing insurance paperwork or requesting an appointment. It’s a natural response to feeling overwhelmed by the process. And it’s easy to start beating ourselves up when we don’t stay on track. Sometimes all we need is a buddy in the process to help us along the way.

When we learned of her challenges, we knew that we could help her find the right care. We began by asking what she had done up until this point. We wanted to know worked about it and what didn’t. She admitted to having done very little research, that she had just gone for what she had heard of first rather than weighing her options. The program she had previously explored didn’t feel like the right fit but trying to find another alternative was too much to handle. 

It became clear that we needed to start from the beginning. We started by collecting all of her options and laying them out before her. Everything from mindfulness-based meditation to in-patient care programs. She felt strongly that working with a therapist and a nutritionist would be her best place to start.

Within a week we had gathered 3 therapists and 3 nutritionists who specialize in eating disorders by tapping into our sphere of resources and researching practitioners in the area. We compared their pricing (both in and out-of-network), their locations, their programs, and their availability. She identified the ones she wanted to have a consultation with so we arranged those for her at a time that fit with her schedule.

By having us take care of the logistics, she could focus on finding the practitioners that were the right fit. So often we just go for our first option because trying to explore alternatives is too much work. When that work is delegated, you can be more selective with your options. 

Every step of the way through this process we supported her by giving her just a few options to decide between. We sifted out the noise, removed a lot of the triggers, and gave her the space to feel empowered in this process rather than overwhelmed. She was able to find someone that she felt comfortable with, that fit with her schedule, and was in her insurance network.

She’s been working with her therapist for a while now and is making good progress. We check in with her periodically to see how else we might support her in this journey. Just knowing that she isn’t left alone in this process is giving her the strength to keep going. When the time comes to shift her strategy for her care, she knows we’ll be there to help her find the right next step.

We’re so happy her partner knew he could trust us with such a meaningful project and we’re proud of her for sharing her story with us. We don’t treat these types of requests lightly and it’s an honor to be able to help in such big ways.

We love to be the resource for the big challenges of life. Perhaps her particular pain isn’t the one you’re carrying but it may remind you of another. If you’re up against a project that feels daunting and overwhelming, we encourage you to bring it to us. Nothing is so big it can’t be overcome. We’re here to offer compassion and pragmatic solutions so you can live an empowered life.

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