The convenience of allowing us to take care of the mundane parts of daily life will make room for new experiences and many other dramatic improvements to your routine. The notion of self-care is one we cherish, and why we are so passionate about what we do. We are in the business of helping you live your life more fully, in a way that brings you more happiness. Self-care can be something you do for your mind, body, soul, or a combination thereof; but most importantly, it’s not a one-time thing…it should be something you strive for daily, no matter how small.

Self-care doesn’t have to cost a thing. It can be as simple as putting a reminder on your calendar to take 5 minutes each day to yourself to quiet your mind, and think of things you’re grateful for– this can be a great exercise to do at the end of a work day, before you head through the front door so that you’re resetting yourself before bringing work home. Or make an effort to do something kind for a stranger; perhaps holding a door open or helping someone with their groceries. Perhaps on your commute into work, you challenge yourself to find 5 beautiful things to relish in. Consider generating 2-way authenticity by soliciting your friends to share their perceptions of your most valuable character strength, and then do the same for them.

Integrating affordable luxuries into your life can be a great way to treat yourself, ward off stress, reconnect with friends, and simply do something good for your soul. Maybe it’s meeting up with friends during a happy hour in your local neighborhood, or making time to go treat yourself to a pedicure with your bestie. Searching online community sites like Yelp can often reveal businesses offering deals, making that massage you’ve been yearning for that much more awesome. Of course, we’re here to help you come up with fun ways to expand your self-care routine.

As the holidays start to draw near, it’s a great time to think about volunteering in your local community as well. Northwest Harvest welcomes business groups of all sizes to help with their food bank, and it’s also a great way to instill some friendly team competition too. There are many organizations that are in need of volunteer time, and there’s no better way to evoke authentic gratitude than giving back to those in need.

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Lover of cats, breakfast, and the ocean. Dreams of sailing the world.
Self-care go-to is sleeping.