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The quickest, easiest, surest way to know what to delegate.

We all know by now that the key to a lighter workload and more time availability is to outsource our to-do list. You’ve heard it from us, Tim Ferris, Michelle Obama, and pretty much every other productivity and leadership guru: delegate, delegate, delegate. So if that message is loud and clear, why don’t we all do it more?

From what I’ve found, the biggest roadblock to delegating is not knowing what to delegate. So, I’m here to share the easiest approach to uncovering what on your to-do list could be done by someone else.

Step 1: Get your list

Before diving into this speedy but empowering practice, you’ll need your most up-to-date to-do list. Building off the practice from last month, if you haven’t braindumped within the last week, start there. Once you have your list, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2: Flip your perspective

The old school way of delegating is looking at your list and thinking “what can I have someone else do?” This can bring up some limiting control or trust dynamics that can get in your way of delegating.

Instead, I invite you to flip your perspective and consider what on your list requires your direct attention. What can only be done by you? What requires your specific skills, expertise, physical presence, deep interest, and experience? It may be working out, helping your kiddo with homework, getting a massage, learning to sing, or drafting that legal document for your client. Only you know what genuinely needs your unique consideration and invaluable time.

Step 3: Mark what’s yours

Go down your list item by item and identify what requires you – mark it clearly. Be discerning. Once you’ve marked everything on your list that requires your attention you’ll likely find that there is plenty there to manage.

In this process, you’ve uncovered that everything else that’s left unmarked can be done by someone else. These are the things you’re taking on that someone else can do for you. This is what you delegate, delegate, delegate!


That’s it! That’s the magic sauce.

It’s amazing how once you shift your perspective, the process of uncovering what ought to be delegated is a breeze.  So often we’re holding onto things other people can do for us, and likely with more ease and enthusiasm. Look at who on your team is the best fit for the tasks that don’t require you and start bringing them in on your projects. Practice letting go of doing every little thing and allow others to support you in them.

If your list of tasks still feels like too much, fret not. We’ll help you figure out how you can thin out that list even further next month. In the meantime, send some tasks our way so we can help you carry the weight of your demanding life.

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