If you want to start meditating more but don’t know where to start, here are 3 simple ways to start your day with a mindful moment.

In Part I of our meditation article series, we shared 3 powerful tips for busy city folks like yourself to start cultivating your meditation practice.

As promised, here are 3 simple mindful practices that you can implement alongside your usual morning activities to get a powerful headstart — figuratively and literally — on your day.



When you get off the bed, your feet naturally touches the ground. It’s one of the first signals your body gets to “wake up” and start your day.

In the moment your feet land on the ground, shuffle your feet and feel the texture between the ground and your feet. Take 3 long deep breaths as you do so.

Now that you’ve connected with your body through your breath, and awaken your sense of space with your feet — go ahead and begin your day, staying grounded in the present moment.

BONUS STEP: Use this audio recording to guide your 3 deep breaths for a deeper and more energizing experience!



Most of us wash up and get ready for the day in autopilot mode. This is a great opportunity to amp up the way you get your game face on as you brush your teeth.

As you turn on the tap, become aware of the sensation of the running water against your hands: Is the temperature hot, cold, or just how you like it?

As you brush your teeth, become aware of the sensation of the bristles brushing against your teeth and gums: Is it rough, ticklish, or perhaps… thorough?

As you gurgle, become aware of any remnant tension or tiredness you might be carrying in your jaws. As you rinse out, intentionally release any and all of that tension and tiredness along with the water. Observe them disappear as the water gets washed down the sink.

Now that you are refreshed and more alert — notice your big and beautiful smile in the mirror, and start your day positively.



Freshly brewed coffee smells amazing! We Seattleites love our morning coffees. Whether you get yours in-line at your fave local spot, your personal Chemex, or even the office coffee machine, here’s a quick one to fuel up from the inside out.

Before taking even your first sip, inhale deeply, allowing the aroma of your coffee to travel up your nose… and lead it into your mind, opening up your mindspace as you slowly exhale through your mouth.

With your hands around your coffee mug, become aware of the temperature of the mug in between your palms. (It’s not always hot, because we do love a good cold brew in summer, too.)

Finally, take a sip of your coffee, paying attention to the sounds and sensations that arise as the coffee travel down your throat, and all the way down into your belly. Become aware of the buzzing sensation in your belly.

Take a nice long deep breath in… then sigh it out. Now that all your senses are awakened and fueled up — go ahead and have a productive day.


*** BONUS STEP ***

Take a moment to give your cuppa gratitude, from land to bean to cup, and all the hands it passed through to get to you. There’s nothing like starting your day with an attitude of gratitude, and we especially love the coffee invocation from this book!

That’s it! Three mindful practices to help you start your day clear, calm, and centered.

Pick one and experiment with it. Alternate it with another one tomorrow. Then take the last one for a test drive the day after tomorrow.

Find out which one works best for you and repeat that, letting it become a part of your morning routine.


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Did you try them all? Comment here with your favorite practice. We’ll randomly pick a winner for a ticket to our next M Meditation event! Winner will be announced on July 4th.

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