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Whether it’s for your personal to-do list or to support your business, the benefits of our time-saving concierge services are seen- and arguably even felt- immediately. Simply put, our goal is to help you reach the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Life as we know it is fast and seemingly getting faster; most of us have that innate feeling that there is never quite enough time to devote to doing the things you really want to do on the weekend — or sometimes even during the week!

That is where Pursuit’s Chip Blocks can help make a monumental shift in your life – by letting us do those “extras” for you. Imagine just for a brief moment what that sense of relief could feel like for you – knowing you had a trustworthy and reliable resource to save you hours of to-do’s, that would likely keep you from really living out our day, week, or weekend from how you really wanted to. With our schedules and life demands being as full as they are, it’s our intent to help you get back your valuable time that can be spent connecting with friends, loved ones, or simply re-charging with “you” time. Check out a few of our client endorsements that speak to the positive impacts we’ve made in their lives.

From household needs (finding a babysitter, dog-sitter, repairman, etc.) to helping you proactively plan (a vacation, a party, a reunion, etc.) we are ready to take on your to-do list! How awesome would it be to know that the hours of research needed to check pricing, airfare and hotel amenities was take care of, and all you had to do was review your options? Or, to be able to come home knowing that we already secured multiple estimates for that roof repair that’s been hanging over your head (literally!) for weeks since the last rain storm? Are you exhaling with a bit of relief at the thought of that? You should be, because you deserve more goodness in your life, and we want to help bring it to you! We offer a variety of packages to meet your needs, so take a look at our “chip” blocks menu here to get a feel for what fits your needs best.

Pursuit doesn’t just cover your household needs; we are happy to take on work tasks too! Perhaps you need a hand getting thru a huge stack of resumes to filter out specific qualifications, or need help brainstorming on content updates for your business’ homepage. Maybe your boss asked you to help compile a list of places and associated costs for this year’s holiday party…fear not! Hand that one over to us– we got you covered with our list of coveted local venues reliable resources. We are game for whatever task is at hand, so that we can help you tackle what’s not getting done and you can start enjoying more of what it is that makes you happy.

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Lover of cats, breakfast, and the ocean. Dreams of sailing the world.
Self-care go-to is sleeping.