Your comfort zone isn’t set in stone. Grab a friend and play with your edge with these 5 fun activities in Seattle.


You may have seen this before:

This can absolutely be true for some aspects of our lives but sometimes our comfort zone is there to keep us safe. With a little curiosity, you can start to break down just how firm that edge is. Add a dose of adventure and you might just break right through it into a world you never knew existed. Finding that edge and learning to honor it or push it is truly where the magic happens.

Sometimes it’s easy to know where your boundaries are, other times it’s a little bit fuzzy. Usually, the way you learn where your limits are is by having that line crossed. We recently shared 7 indicators of personal boundaries that help to highlight where that line lives for you. Finding that edge and playing with it is where you start to see growth.

Play with your comfort zone by trying new things, pushing the edges just enough, and expressing yourself when it’s too much. If you’re up for a little adventure, here are 5 approachable ways you can play with comfort zone in Seattle:

Partner Dancing

Going out for some salsa or country dancing is the perfect way to test some boundaries. There are layers to work through: being comfortable moving to a new rhythm, dancing closely with a stranger, and expressing consent. Partner dancing should always include a clear ask and consent. If you don’t want to dance with someone, you don’t have to and it’s the perfect time to practice saying no (politely, of course).

Where to go: Salsa con Todo for Latin rhythms or Little Red Hen for country dancing.

Rock Climbing

It’s so simple but yet so, so challenging. You’re learning your strength limits by trying to lift your own body up a tall wall. If heights aren’t normally your friend, this is a great way to test how high you can get yourself to go. You’re also relying on someone else to hold your rope and communicating clearly about when you want to start, rest, and stop.

Where to go: Stone Gardens or Seattle Bouldering Project

Adventurous Eating

Some people are just born with the ability to eat anything that’s put in front of them. Most of us are a little more wary of putting something unfamiliar down the hatch. Be brave and expand your culinary horizons by taking a few bites of something that gives you the heebie jeebies. You might be surprised to find you like!

Where to go: Ask for the “other menu” at Rainier BBQ for options with snake, alligator, and more.

Clothing Optional Spa

Perhaps being nude around others is a little outside your comfort zone. If that’s the case, practice feeling comfortable in your own skin at a clothing optional spa. It’s your choice to don a suit, part of a suit, or no suit at all. Whatever you decide, notice the thoughts that are popping up in your mind about your own body and theirs and gently release them. Your ultimate goal is to find a way to relax so let the judgemental thoughts slip away and melt into the warmth of the pools and sauna. If your hope is to feel just as comfortable nude as with coverage, continue to return to this safe space and test your limits a little bit each time.

Where to go: Ladywell’s Vitality Spa & Sauna for women.

Improv Class

If public speaking is a little scary, drop into an improv class. You can’t really screw up improv so it’s the perfect way to practice speaking up and it’s always on the spot so you can’t over think it. And it’s a friendly crowd. Anyone that goes to an improv class is there to build off of others and be really silly. They’re all there trying their best so you’ll just blend in while testing your own boundaries.

Where to go: Drop in at Improv Jam at CSz and Improv Dojo at Jet City Improv.


Have fun, be safe, be adventurous, and be respectful of your boundaries as you play with their edge. Have other ideas for fun ways to push the boundaries? Share them with us in the comments!


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