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Business ought to be operated with fearless leadership, passion, and care. Here are 18 of our favorite women-owned businesses in Seattle that show us how it’s done.

Nothing is cooler than women lifting each other up. In honor of International Women’s Day, we wish to share with you some of the most powerful and inspiring entrepreneurs that we have gotten to know through the years. These are women that we’ve worked with closely, have confidently referred friends and members, and with whom we have built trust. These are women that show how business can be done with heart and that vulnerability is brave and powerful.

Entrepreneurship is a wild ride and best shared with others. No matter your industry, the challenges remain the same. Owning a business tests your resolve and makes you tap into a deeper part of yourself. Having a community of people to lean on and be open with can make all the difference.

These women are our champions and we’re there’s as well. What I love most about being a woman in business is the collaboration and support that arises naturally.  There is an abundance of opportunity and helping each other tap into that success is deeply meaningful.

I’m constantly inspired by what these women are building. The quality of their work is amplified by their love for what they do. They operate with deep intention, compassion, and care. They’re pursuing their passions fearlessly and are making a positive impact on those they touch. I’m grateful to know these powerful ladies who work so hard to create opportunities and support the growth of other women each day.

Erin Merrihew

Erin Merrihew Consulting

Communication and Leadership Coach

Helps you identify your emotions and communicate your needs fearlessly.

Elise Buie

Elise Buie Family Law

Family Law Attorney

Helps you navigate challenging legal terrain and find solutions that are fair and sustainable.

Dr. Elena Abbott

Ink Blotter

Professional Editor and Writing Coach

Helps you find your voice as a writer and represent yourself fully through your words.

Dr. Danielle Lamirande

Centered Chiropractic


Helps you connect with your body and take action on your lifestyle goals.

Dr. Christine Schaffner

Bella Fiore Organic Med Spa & Klinik, Sofia Institute, and Marin Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Physician

Helps you navigate and treat complex chronic illness.

Lena D Meyer

Gratitude 6

Transformational Life Coach

Helps you connect to the heart and soul of what matters most to you.

Rebecca West

Seriously Happy Homes

Interior Designer

Helps you create a home that is truly your sanctuary.

Raina Henderson

Raina Henderson Interior Design

Interior Designer

Helps you transform your home into a space that is an expression of who you are.

Emily Paul

Aum Holistic Healing Arts

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Healer, Coach, Ceremonialist

Helps you relieve stress and nurture your spirit.

Dr. Sierra Storm

Rise Regenerative Medicine


Help you restore strength, vitality, and beauty using your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Carolyn Velez

Digital Unicorn Studios

Web Designer

Helps you represent yourself fully and beautifully online.

Alie Berggren and Celia Morant

Berggren & Morant

Business Consultants

Helps you strategize how you’ll manage your business’ finances, marketing, and operations.

Ellia Harris

Mindful Organizing

Mindful Organizing and Productivity Coach

Helps you clear the clutter of your space and mind to focus your attention mindfully.

Sally Honeycutt

Anders Shop

Home Goods Boutique

Helps you find gifts for you or your loved ones that are chic, and eco- and socially-conscious.  

Kathy Clayton

Kathy Clayton Coaching

Relationship Coach

Helps you connect with yourself and your purpose.

Shreya Ley


Business, Estate, Asset Protection, and Intellectual Property Attorney

Helps you protect what’s yours so you can thrive.

Dr. Michelle Mazur

Communication Rebel

Speech Coach

Helps you refine your message and take a stand as a thought leader.

Liberté Liberté

Liberté Beauty


Helps you affirm a positive self-image and nurture your spirit with self-care.

It’s an honor to know these women and to support their businesses. If you’re in need of their services, we would love to connect you with them. We have all the confidence in the world that you are in good hands when working with them and believe deeply in their offerings.

May we continue to help each other rise up, always and forever.

Happy International Women’s Day!


With love,

Sondra_Your Team

Sondra (she/her)

Founder + CEO

Lover of cats, breakfast, and the ocean. Dreams of sailing the world.
Self-care go-to is sleeping.