We want to warmly welcome you on our journey of fulfillment, by helping you pursue your own. If you haven’t caught on yet, then you should know that at Pursuit, we are passionate about living fully. We love seeing other locals looking joyous, adventurous, peaceful, uninhibited, loved, grateful, and fulfilled. That is why, often times, we’ll repost happy-looking locals on our Instagram. We want everyone to see that practicing self-care, being creative, exploring, enjoying the moment, and following your passions are gifts that we should utilize to get the most out of life.

Why do you think that top Seattle employers like Google, Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon, spend the extra time, money, and effort into caring for their employees’ personal needs? Having on-site fitness classes, child care facilities, dining options, nap rooms, and offering competitive vacation perks, are not simply ways for employers to ‘be nice’ to their employees. Helping employees tend to their personal cares, and creating space to do what makes them happy, will ultimately bring about benefits for both parties. Boosting morale, decreasing turnover rates, and increasing productivity/ job performance are among the top advantages that employers receive in return. The employees are becoming healthier, happier, more confident, and more productive at work. You can trust that such premium companies have special teams and sophisticated research that have confirmed that the spending of millions of dollars on employee care is well worth it.

In a similar fashion, we hope that our fellow pursuers (you) will begin to see the immeasurable value of intentionally pursuing your deepest desires/needs. After all, money can easily be made and spent, the most precious currency in existence is time. Don’t go through life throwing it all into your office, your cell phone, or your couch. Embrace the opportunity to go after “it”, whatever “it” is. And embark, or continue on a journey to find fulfillment. We promise that the intentional expedition will bring about the most irreplaceable memories, moments, and discoveries.

The only guarantee that we have in this life is that it will eventually end. So for every moment that we are still breathing, let’s be sure that we are doing our best to live fully. Don’t just dream about happiness- go after it! We have literally made it “our business” to nudge you along your pursuits and your fulfillment. So talk to us on social media, and contact us to begin your membership, or email us for more information about what we do (because we like talking about it). Until next time, be sure to tag us in posts of your adventures, we love to share images that encourage others’ pursuits. Be good to yourself and to others. We’ll check-in again soon!


Sondra_Your Team

Sondra (she/her)

Founder + CEO

Lover of cats, breakfast, and the ocean. Dreams of sailing the world.
Self-care go-to is sleeping.