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Delegating your workload empowers you to allocate your time and energy with intention. Here’s how to know whether to hire someone in-house or leverage our personal concierge services.

The modern reality is this: our lives are busier than ever before. Daunting task lists bury us on a regular basis. If you keep trying to do everything alone you’ll burn out, miss amazing opportunities, live in constant stress, or stunt your personal or professional growth. Something has got to shift. If you’ve reached the conclusion that bringing in help is the right next step, the question becomes: do you hire an in-house assistant or join as a Pursuit Concierge member? Or, do you do both?

Depending on what you need and the life you’re actively designing, there are pros and cons for every solution. Over the years, we’ve helped business owners, families, and corporate ladder climbers avoid the staffing struggles of hiring in-house help, we’ve lead the charge of finding in-house help if that’s what they need, and have supplemented that in-house help with on-demand support (because your paralegal or nanny probably shouldn’t be the one arranging your OB-GYN appointments).

At Pursuit, our main priority is making sure you to have the support you need and deserve, no matter who that may be. So, to help make the decision a little easier for you, here are some of the differences between hiring an in-house assistant or leveraging Pursuit Concierge.


Best if you:

  • need someone full time
  • can generate a second income
  • need someone consistently on-site or deep within your systems
  • want to train them to climb higher into your organization (like going into sales or a managerial role)
  • are prepared to manage them on a regular basis
  • are prepared to pay for insurance and taxes (which is about 30% in Washington State, talk to your CPA)
  • are prepared to pay for benefits like paid time off, healthcare, and more
  • want only one person
  • have highly specific operations and expectations
  • are prepared to expect turnover (which means going back to the hiring drawing board and training your new hire)
  • are prepared to accommodate sick days
  • want someone available 24/7
  • are prepared to build in a communication system


Best if you

  • need part-time support

  • want support on-demand, as you need it
  • have a workload that varies seasonally or randomly

  • have a specific monthly budget

  • want to be able to write off the expense

  • don’t want to have to pay taxes or cover benefits

  • don’t want to manage someone
  • are okay with your support operating off-site

  • want a team of people with a variety of skills

  • want to be able to trust that the work will get done

  • want to avoid turnover (we are as committed to the relationship as you are, probably more)

  • want a consistent schedule without sick days (we are available 50+ hours a week, 8am – 6pm M-F, Sat by appointment, with a set holiday schedule)

  • want to be able to go into the deeply personal
  • want someone who specializes in finding resources and has an extensive network

  • want to tap into an existing communication system

It may be that you need a hybrid of these options. If you need an on-site manager at your business but don’t feel it’s appropriate to be delegating personal tasks, then leveraging both solutions is likely a great fit.

You know what your needs are and our services are not the perfect fit for everyone. However, if you want access to a team of intelligent, capable doers 50+ hours per week for only $60 per month, we’re the ones you’re looking for.

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