Counterbalance the go-go-go of modern life with a little dose of downtime throughout your day.

The modern life of a professional is an extremely busy one. There’s always something to do, someplace to be, a task to finish that’s nagging us in the back of our minds. This activity in our lives is invigorating. It can fuel us with a sense of purpose and makes us feel important and indispensable. But this internal pressure to keep doing and keeping going is what can cause us to break down like a sad car on the side of the road. When we keep the fire burning without pause, we burn through our own resources until we have nothing left to give.

It may seem counterintuitive but sometimes the best thing anyone can do to get more done is to do nothing at all.

To do nothing is just to be.

It’s easy to think “I’ll take a break once the work is done,” but this can be a trap. The work is never truly done, after all.

When you find yourself approaching exhaustion, set everything down and walk away. Don’t go right into a different task, just allow yourself the space to do absolutely nothing for just a moment. It’s all your body and mind really wants from you at this time.

We’re in go-mode so much, we have to counterbalance it with an intentional be-mode. Taking a few days off is great, a few weeks, even better. But it’s also vital to weave moments of pause into our daily lives to sustainably relieve the pressures of the daily go-mode. Here are some simple ways to unwind every day:

Enjoy your morning tea without checking your email or the news. Just savor the quiet moment.

Leave your phone at home, on your desk, or in your car when you go to your yoga class.

Put all devices away the moment your kitty jumps into your lap. Feel her purr and the softness of her fur as she curls up with you.

Enjoy your lunch away from your desk and all your tools. Find a spot to sit with a view or in the sun.

Find a sunny bench, a patch of grass, or go for a stroll. Just get some fresh air and leave the devices behind.

Even if you only get to dive into these quiet experiences for a few minutes, their magic will work. A short spurt of calm is better than no calm at all. The more you can intertwine them with your day, the better your mind and body will feel.

Have another way to bring a repose to your day? Share them with us in the comments. We’d love to hear what works for you!

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