A window into the Pursuit Concierge experience.

You can’t pour from an empty cup

Elena*, an attorney and mother of 3, was faced with an intimidating to-do list. She and her husband were ready to organize their life to avoid dumping their lists on each other. She searched for an organizer but once she found us she realized they wanted something more hands-on. They were ready to let someone else tackle the to-dos so they could focus on their children and their health.

Tasks had accrued for years so she was eager to get some big ones checked off. She had us working on finalizing her emergency kit and plan and researching top-tier medical specialists right away. Then, small but mighty tasks like having the garden weeds pulled and getting a gift for her friend started to get passed our way. The relief of watching her to-do list shrink before her eyes finally allowed her to focus her attention on reclaiming her physical and mental wellbeing.

To help her stay on track with her own goals, we have weekly wellness check-ins. It’s her opportunity to let go of more tasks, get updates on what we’ve been hard at work doing, and set clear intentions for the week ahead.

Member since 2017

Mind the gap

As the owner of multiple businesses spread across the west coast, Cara is a true woman on the go. Though she employs dozens of people, there was a gap in her support. It simply isn’t appropriate to task her team with her own personal to-do list.

She doesn’t always need support, but when she does, she needs it fast. Constant travel and lots of meetings mean sometimes she just needs someone to arrange the rental car, book a hair appointment, or to run her errands. Simple pleasures like coming home to a clean home and a freshly laundered clothes are luxuries she can enjoy with just a quick text.

Member since 2015

Finding focus

Already on the path of self-discovery, tech bachelor Justin understood the value of finding the right support. He came with clear goals of what he hopes to accomplish: shed bad habits, tidy up some family complexities, and dedicate more time for himself.

As so many members do, he started with his heaviest load. He needed to remove himself from the deed of a property back in his hometown. It wasn’t a simple process but together we were able to navigate it smoothly by honoring his timeline and finding the right resources. With that out of the way, he could focus more deeply on allocating alone time in the mountains with his new dog.

Wanting to maintain his progress, he’s come to appreciate weekly accountability check-ins. He focuses his energy on just one or two priorities each week, while we take over the pesky tasks that try to interfere.

Member since 2017

*All names have been changed to respect our members’ privacy. These are all true stories that we love to share.